Feb 7, 2011

ALERT: Louis Vuitton Price Increase

Some sad news to report from the LV department. LV-philes everywhere are currently abuzz with talks of an impending Louis Vuitton price increase. As of now, the only thing that is confirmed is the date. The price hike will be this Tuesday, February 8th.

How much, where, and on what items, you ask? Well, this is where things get iffy and it depends on the source you choose to believe. My LV source states that it will be a 10% increase across the board for bags in the North American market only. Others have been told by their SAs that the monetary up kick (-in the ass) will be higher (maybe, a ploy to get buyers in?), somewhere upwards of 15%. In addition, their sources say that pricing will vary depending on the merchandise and that it will affect foreign markets as well. And finally, some diehard Louis lovers are having difficulty processing this news--finding this increase to be preposterous and believing that it's only a rumor--stating that being the down economy that it is, LV wouldn't raise prices.

So, there you have it. A choice between bad and badderer(?) with a smattering of hopeful resistance. But I trust, all you savvy super shopping Mizhattanites have already done your Louis Vuitton shopping and need not worry about such (existent/nonexistent) increases.

UPDATED: Click here for info

{Image credit: Louis Vuitton}
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