Feb 8, 2011

CONFIRMED: Louis Vuitton Price Increase

As Mizhattan first reported, Louis Vuitton has officially increased its prices in the US market. The price hike varies from item to item. From what I can gather, the minimum increase was 10%. On the absurd high end, the increase was as stratospheric as 26%--making one bag that was available for purchase yesterday, around $750 more expensive today!! So, it comes with no surprise that many LV lovers are appalled and upset by the drastic kick in the booty and seem unabled to justify the price increase. Ah~ the price of fashion. If there is a silver lining to this hike, it is that current owners of LV merchandise can now be comforted by the fact that their bags are a bit more valuable on the open market.

{Image credit: Louis Vuitton}
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