Mar 24, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* La Dolce (& Gabbana) Vita

To continue this week's super sample sales, I dropped by the Dolce & Gabbana's sale this morning. Although the line was much more manageable compared to yesterday's Herm├Ęs insanity, having to wait in queue in cold & bitter temperature another day was still unbearable.

Shoes, belts, bags, intimates, kids, mens, and RTWs were all up for grab. To start off, my personal favorite was the RTW section, especially dresses. Racks and racks of Dolce & Gabbana's flirty and seductive florals, laces, satins, brocades, and of course the house's signature leopard prints were organized by styles. If your style preference is more modest & minimal, there were elegant satin corset dresses in white (an excellent bridal option?) & champagne. I just loved them! Prices, on the other hand, weren't exactly cheap. But it's good to note that items were in excellent conditions. I found a pajama-inspired polka–dot blouse from the 2009 season (2nd photo below) priced $478.50. The satin corset dresses I mentioned earlier were $748.50. Floral print coats from '09 (1st photo below) were $1,935. The polka–dot dresses seen in the photo above were $1,058. Tweed jackets in the 4th photo below were $1,198.50. Just like the previous Dolce & Gabbana sample sale, instead of having the discounted price listed on each tag, shoppers had to do some mental calculations. This was annoying to some degree. The discounts were as such: Archives were 50% off listed price. Tags with #2011 & 2999 were also 50% off. #2010 were 60% off. #2009 were 70% off. And finally, #2008 or prior were 80% off the indicated price.

Now, here is the rundown on shoes. It was a disappointment. There were about 5 racks of really cute sandals and pumps, but if you are not size 39 and above, they're just eye candy. For those with feet 39 and below, a small selection of different sandals and pumps were available at the back of the room (see 10th & 11th photo below). But these weren't so great. Those of you who are lucky 39 or above, here are some prices. Multi–strap black suede sandals were $350, sequined gold/silver pumps were $235.50, and rosette-detailed sandals were $137.

Moving on to the bags section, where most items were clutches & small handbags. A denim shoulder bag with embellishments (13th photo below) was $518. As always, the available inventory of Dolce & Gabbana kids were very adorable but pricey. Intimates, on the other hand, were priced well but limited in size. An underwire bra was only $30. For men, I saw many racks of dress shirts and suits. Furthermore, towards the back of the room were men's outerwears, dress shoes, and sneakers. Overall, I could not find an item that was a total steal. Most items were from the 2009 season, which meant the item was 70% off retail, and they were all in tip top condition.

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