Mar 22, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* United Bamboo United for Japan

With a devastating natural disaster hitting Japan more than a week ago, the fashion industry has been looking for ways to support the victims of the earthquake & tsunami. So, when I learned that United Bamboo was hosting a sample sale, where 100% of proceeds would go to the Japanese relief efforts, my heart and wallet were there.

At around 10:40am, 20 minutes prior to opening, I found absolutely no line to get in. So naturally, with only soft music playing in the background, it was no surprise that the 6th floor studio was quiet. The first thing that caught my attention were the terribly adorable & much celebrated cats–in–clothes calendar photos in frames (photo above). If you are a cat owner, you'll love to know that feline outfits are available for purchase (though I have doubts on whether your cat(s) will enjoy wearing them). From fur collar parkas to fabulous kimono-inspired dresses, there were plenty of outfits to transform any feline into a fashion diva with attitude. I have to warn you though, these outfits don't come cheap. Prices ranged from $250~$300.

After that initial bout of giggling over cats, I moved on to outfits more suitable for the homo sapiens amongst us. There were only 6~7 racks of clothes. So, here is the rundown of what I spotted. A fur collar winter coat was $250, a classic navy peacoat was $180, a light–weight jacket was only $80, a gray wool blazer was $180, an oversized cardigan was $60, a cable knit sweater was $50, and a pastel colored chiffon dress was only $40. As you can see, the deals on actual womenswears were far more affordable than catwear. One rack of menswear was also available. I saw a few double breasted winter coats (priced $200), trousers, shorts (priced $40), and jackets that were reasonably priced. I also spotted a navy Le Bac tote and other leather bags priced $120 (last photo).

I know there are many more sample sales happening later this week, but making a quick trip to United Bamboo for a great cause is definitely worth your time. I mean, how can you go wrong when items were 90% off retail. Remember, you only have until tomorrow, so get moving!

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