Apr 20, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Jil Sander's Minimalism at Minimal Prices

Stylish men & women who happen to love Jil Sander's minimal designs gathered together this morning in Soho for the Jil Sander sample sale. There were only about 25 people in line at 10:30am, but don't let the modest queue of shoppers fool you. As it turned out, the line moved verrrry sloooowly. Why? The number of shoppers allowed in had a direct correlation to the number of shoppers exiting. And when you factored in the amazing discounts and merchandise, it was like a black hole. Once someone went it, no one seemed to want to come out.

Jil Sander hosts their sample sales twice a year, and today was the first day of their 2011 sale. I knew Jil Sander was pretty popular amongst stylish men, but still, I was quite surprised to see more men than women shopping for bargains at this sale. As I mentioned earlier, only a handful of people were waiting in line, but since shoppers inside were taking their time grabbing piles of merchandise, the line outside moved extremely slowly. Once inside, a security personnel will inform you to get off on the 3rd floor and take the stairs to the 4th.

The showroom was divided into halves. A men's section which included clothing, shoes, neckties, belts, etc. and a women's section of clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. There were no fitting rooms available in a space where more than half of the shoppers were men. Still, I spotted a few brave ladies trying on dresses in the back corner. So, if you're part of the majority that's uncomfortable with exposing yourself to the opposite sex, I suggest wearing sportswear or a tank top & shorts ensemble.

Now, here's the 411 on pricing. They were amazing! Almost ALL items including shoes & accessories were 80% off. A small rack of past seasons RTW, in excellent quality, were 90% off. In this 90% off rack, I saw a tweed blazer (4th photo below) priced $225, and Bellucci shorts in sequins (6th photo below) priced $300. A huge table of knitwear in the center of the room had a variety of merchandise, ranging from oversized women's cardigans to basic men's knit tops. A luxurious cardigan in dove gray was $306, a coral hue sweater was only $85, a lemony yellow t-shirt that I really liked was $89. Their neckties tray (last photo) was modern & sleek, and most importantly, priced $31 each. Shocking, isn't it? Prices for shoes were also fantastic. A pair of strappy sandals (9th photo below) were $148, slingbacks were $115, and leather flats were $119. The bags section, which was located all the way in the back, was very impressive as well at 75% off. Did I mention everything was in top-notch condition?!

Sample sales like this really put a smile on my face. If you've never attended a Jil Sander's sample sale, I highly encourage you to run over ASAP to this 9 day long event, because items were flying off the racks.

UPDATED: New photos & info from this sale

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