Apr 26, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Modest Variety at Missoni & Valentino

I had high hopes when I first heard about the Missoni & Valentino sample sale. Being an ardent lover of Valentino, in particular, I walked into the sale hoping to find all sorts of pretty stuff to buy.

The fifth floor of the sale organizer's showroom was stock full of designer goods. In fact, I spotted a lot more brands than just Missoni & Valentino. It was a vast melting pot of designers. A small selection of Giorgio Armani, here, John Galliano, there, and a very few Chloes & Pradas interspersed among the other labels. My shopping started off in the Valentino section. From exquisite evening wear to Valentino's elegant laces, ruffles, and signature reds, everything was ohh~ so pleasing to my eyes. Though the merchandise was incredibly stunning, prices were not. As much as I loved almost every piece I saw, I felt their prices were on par with what you would find at any boutique/department store sale. A gorgeous Valentino–red cape (5th photo below) was priced $1,590, and a lightweight lace jacket (7th photo below) was $1,850.

Disappointed with the pricing, I moved on to the Missoni section in search of better options. The house's summery skirts and dresses--in iconic Missoni stripes & prints--were beautiful. A knit skirt (6th photo below) was priced $260, while a few more skirts I spotted were all under $400. After perusing what were better deals, I headed towards the Armani section. Here I found a great selection of tops, jackets, and dresses that were ideal for office wear. One particular dress from the Emporio Armani collection was $550 (8th photo below). Still a bit pricey, but pretty nonetheless.

Handbags were located in the center of the showroom. I found two Chloe Silverado handbags that were priced $936 (originally $1,440). A Missoni canvas tote--perfect as a beach carryall--was priced $360. By the cashier's table, there were a few pieces of jewelry and a variety of men's neckties. Men's designer neckties, in my opinion, were by far the best deals at this sale. They were $40 each or 3 for $100. Overall, even though I know how extravagant these designer labels are, I felt many of the items were overpriced. Only if you dug deep into the racks, could you find pieces that were reasonably priced. In addition, the friendly staff was a bit too friendly. At times, they were aggressive in selling, which is a "no-no" in my book. Finally, as I was leaving, I was told that new merchandise would come in daily. Anyways, if you decide to drop by, please do share with us your finds!!

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