Apr 28, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Writing Montblanc

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then fancy–schmancy writing instruments are a gentleman's best buddy. And who makes these classy pens? Montblanc, of course. Getting a good bargain on Montblanc's pieces wasn't easy though. It required a lot of patience.

I have never seen so many middle-aged men (many in business attire) at a sample sale. But hey, it's only understandable, right? Montblanc's private sale began early in the morning. When I arrived at exactly 9am, I was shocked to see the line had already grown to around 100 people. When I left my house, I really thought I would be in & out, but boy was I wrong. If you recollect my shopping experience at the Mikimoto sample sale earlier this year, the wait was as excruciating. The organizers only let in 4~5 people at a time every 20 minutes or so, which was not pleasant at all.

After waiting about 2 hours, I was allowed in. Inside the small banquet room at The New York Palace Hotel, the majority of shoppers were crammed around the Montblanc pen area. Since there was no visible space to inch myself in, I decided instead to begin my shopping at the watch section located opposite of the pens. There were only about 5 watches available. A leather strap 'Sport' watch (9th photo below) was priced $447 (originally $1,490). After a brief glance, I moved on to the briefcases. I found handsomely structured leather briefcases (all in black) in various in sizes & styles. The double closure briefcase (4th photo below) was priced $374 (originally $1,245). A small selection of women's hobos were also available. In addition, I'm including a few prices for other random accessories I found while shopping. A pair of women's metal-framed sunglasses were $105, a silver link necklace was $449, organizers were $25, and writing instrument refills & inks were a dollar each.

If you want a jump start on your Father's Day gift search, I would definitely recommend you stop by. Cufflinks in many chic designs were very affordable. The cheapest pair I found was only $62 (originally $205), and the most expensive was $182 (originally $540). Now, let's talk about those famous Montblanc pens. From their classic Meisterstück pens--in different precious metals & stones--to their Bohème collection, the table was overflowing with beautiful writing instruments. You name it...they had it. Cartridge fountains, ballpoints, and rollerballs were all laid out for customers to snatch up. Prices ranged from $102 for affordable basics to $494 for more elaborate ones.

Everything at this sale comes with a case. In addition, pens came with a serial number as a certificate of authenticity. Even after the exhausting wait, I came out thinking that it was worth the trip, since almost everything was in excellent condition. Not to mention, the prices were reasonable as well. So, I guess good things do come to those who wait.

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