May 10, 2011

ALERT: Classic Chanel Price Increase 2011

Arrggh! Sad, but not surprising, news to report. Chanel is increasing prices on their classics once again. Boutiques are confirming that starting June 1st, the French luxury house will adjust their tags on classic flaps & 2.55/Reissues. It was just last August when there was a price jump of around 20%. Oh well, c'est la vie. Here are the US prices effective as of June 1st.

Classic Flap Medium: $3,400 goes up to $3,900
Classic Flap Jumbo: $3,700 goes up to $4,300
Classic Flap Maxi: $4,000 goes up to $4,700
2.55/Reissue Medium: $3,700 goes up to $4,300
2.55/Reissue Large: $4,000 goes up to $4,700

MizAdvice: So, is this all worth it? Decide for yourself by reading Secrets of Chanel 2.55.

{Image credit: Vogue Paris, March 2009}
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