May 4, 2011


Great sample sales like this, makes living in NYC just wonderful. Early this morning, despite the rain, I trekked my way to the Devi Kroell sample sale in Union Square. The sale had unbelievable deals on great merchandise. If you would rather read this report later and run over there now, by all means, I don't want to waste your time. Here is the info: 55 5th Ave., 17th Floor. The sale runs until 7:30pm today, and ends on Friday at 5pm. For those who would rather read this report first, here we go!

Previous Devi Kroell sample sales had offered jaw-droppingly low prices, so I was really excited to see what great bargains I could find this time around. I arrived at 8:45am and found approx. 15 ladies in line. I was almost sure that I would be inside rather soon, but the queue moved very slowly. Waiting at least 50 minutes in the hallway proved to be a little frustrating for many shoppers who were eager to get in. As soon as I was allowed to enter, I began to understand why the wait was so long. There was a sizable crowd already inside happily shopping away. So...question. Do you know when sample sales advertise discounts "of up to 70% or 80% off", but actually, the savings aren't that great? Well, this sale was advertised as 80% off and lived up to its promise. Almost all items were discounted 80% or more. Naturally with such great discounts comes a bit of hoarding, so the inventory was depleting rather quickly.

So, what was left? Let's start with shoes. They were organized in different sizes. If you're not a size 37, it's going to be a long day. If you are 37, rejoice! You've got a range of sandals, pumps, and flats to choose from. Regarding pricing, most of shoes were individually priced. A pair of ballet flats (4th photo below) were $100. Sample shoes were only $50 and sample boots were $100.

I would have to say that the RTW section was my favorite. A black tweed jacket was $200 (originally $2,150 & 5th photo below), a long sleeve sweater in champagne was $100 (originally $890 & 6th photo below), and a silk apple print skirt was $75 (originally $1,190 & 8th photo below). I also spotted a silk cocktail dress only for $250 (originally $1,590). One of the employees said that there would be a small inventory replenishment. So, if you decide to attend, I suggest going today.

UPDATED: Per request from Devi Kroell's CEO and Communications Director, I have removed three photos and a portion of the article pertaining to their bags. For readers interested, you can always search the many other websites that covered this event. Finally, to the many Mizhattan readers, as of this point, I will no longer be covering any Devi Kroell sales/events.

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