May 10, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Minkoff Knocks Your Socks Off

The Rebecca Minkoff sample sale officially opens to the public tomorrow, but I got a chance to attend their VIP preview earlier today. Minkoff's totes & clutches appeal to young fashionistas and today's VIP opening was nothing if not a shopping partay~!

What is it about Rebecca Minkoff bags that twenty-somethings just can't get enough of? Is it the playful edgy designs? The quality of their products? Or simply, celebrity fashion obsession? Whatever it is, shoppers attending today's VIP sale really had some fun. The sale, itself, was a bit of a hoarding competition. And before some of you point it out, I am well-aware of my recent reports singling out ladies who were unabashedly stockpiling items upon items on their persons. But today, I witnessed the biggest hoarder of them all: a mother who was carrying a baby AND holding more than 7 bags in her arms (1st photo below). Without a doubt she wins the award for Jaw-Dropping Hoarder of 2011.

Alright, let's get back to the sale. Befitting a Rebecca Minkoff sample sale, the ambiance was somewhat of a fashion party; with loud music, bubbly booze, stylish young peeps, and most importantly, fashionable bags overflowing many tables. Bags started as low as $107 and topped off at the $327 mark. In addition, accessories were priced between $30~$123. There were a couple of racks of RTW & a small selection of shoes, but not many shoppers seemed interested in them. FYI, a price list is available at the very end of this article. Oh~~ almost forgot to mention the clearance table located on the right side in the back of the showroom. Here, I found a variety sample clutches, hobos, totes, & top handles priced between $125~$300.

The line will most likely be insane come tomorrow when the sale officially opens. But there was plenty of stock and news of restocking throughout the event did reach my ears as I was leaving. Just remember to wear something light and bring a bottle of water if you plan to come in the afternoon; as 5th Ave around that area has some scorching direct sunlight.

Price list:
Admirer $261
Boyfriend $178
Canvas Dear tote $217
Canvas laptop case $69
Canvas Tess $217
Covet Bombe $217
Clutch Bombe $182
Dear tote $302
Delight $272
Delight haircalf $302
Everyday bag $302
Lover's clutch $178
M.A.B Backpack $178
M.A.B Bombe $327
M.A.B Mini Bombe $303
M.A.B nylon quilt $192
M.A.C haircalf $206
Matinee $327
Morning After $327
Nikki $327
Paramour $272
Quilted leather M.A.C $198
Quilted Swing $192
Rikki $316
Stud Vamp $272
Swing $182
Swing pouch $137
Swing slouch $233
True Love $272
Tryst $272
Virginia laptop case $107
Vixen $247
Woven Flame $288
Zip clutch $182
3-zip Rocker $107
Small leather goods $30~$123
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