May 20, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Spectacular & Moving Sigerson and Morrison Sale

I experienced something amazing today at the Sigerson and Morrison sale. It wasn't the unbelievably low prices nor the beautiful merchandise. In all my sale reporting, I witnessed for the first time, two designers really caring and thoroughly involved in an event. I know we all go crazy over Louboutins or Manolos, but I wonder if Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik, themselves, really care about their devotees at one of their New York sample sales? I think not. Having seen Ms. Sigerson & Ms. Morrison giving out advice to shoppers who were about to adopt their babies was just precious!

Honesty, when I woke up this morning, I was a bit hesitant to make the trip down to 44 White St. Another day of drizzling rain was definitely a downer, especially on a Friday afternoon. But my oh my~, I sure am glad I dragged myself out of bed. The doors opened earlier than their official opening time and there were only about 15 people in queue. Even though the line was short and moved quickly, once inside, the store was very crowded. Not because there were so many people, but because there were BOXES upon BOXES of Sigerson's and Morrison's beloved babies filling a teeny-tiny space.

So, let's start with prices. They were FANTASTIC! Belle shoes (including sandals) were $75 & under, and Belle boots were $175. As for their eponymous line, sandals were $135, reptile sandals were $250, other shoes were $175, and other reptile shoes were $300. Booties and boots were also available at $200~$500. More specific prices can be seen at the end of this article. What I loved about this sale was that there were a lot of exotic skin clutches, buckets, and hobos. Obviously they were not cheap, but were still reasonably priced. A beautiful python bucket bag was $1,199 (originally $2,500), while an irresistible python zip tote was $990 (originally $2,100). There were other accessories like leather gloves priced at $85 & $100. And surprise surprise! Valextra vanity cases were sold at $1,775 (originally $2,700). Inventory was very limited and sizes ranged from 5.5 to 11. Unfortunately, I was told they wouldn't restock. So, don't walk but run to this event, NOW!

Finally, I got a chance to ask Ms. Miranda Morrison a few questions. She told me that her passion for designing shoes started as a child. Because she had "difficult feet", all the shoes she bought had to be sent back to the factory to be modified. There had always been a great anticipation to wear new shoes after they came back from the factory, she says. She also gave words of advice to my fellow Mizhattanites. "Take care of your shoes, love them, enjoy them, and get a kick out of them." Now, on a sensitive subject, Ms. Morrison did not want to comment on anything regarding their situation with the current owners of the Sigerson Morrison brand. There was a huge poster outside the store (last photo below) that explained today's sale event was not authorized nor affiliated with Sigerson Morrison. Whatever the situation is, I hope it turns out for the best for this fabulous designer duo.

Price list:
Belle sandals $65
Belle shoes $75
Belle boots $175
Sandals $135
Reptile sandals $250
Shoes $175
Reptile shoes $300
Booties $200
Reptile booties $375
Boots $275
Reptile boots $500

Red python clutch $575
Red python large bucket bag $1,199
Pony mini clutch $390
Leather zip tote $765
Python large zip tote $990
Red python shoulder bag $875
Handbag $450
Red python messenger bag $675
Red python small handbag $850
Valextra vanity cases $1,775

Gloves $85 & $100
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