Jun 14, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Cruising thru J.Crew

All aboard J.Crew fashionistas and super shoppers! The J.Crew summer sample sale opened its doors to New York City shoppers this morning. With Fawnia from Racked NY keeping me company, I waited anxiously to find out what the J.Crew sample sale (at its new location) had to offer.

First of all, I've been to many J.Crew sample sales in the past, but their new sample sale venue at 260 Fifth Ave somehow made me feel like this was my first J.Crew event. It was exciting! The space was packed full of J.Crew clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry.

So, let's start with shoes. Situated all the way in the back of the showroom, sizes started from 5 and went up to 10. From my favorite J.Crew ballet flats to oxfords & gladiators, there were plenty to choose from. If you recall from yesterday's Tory Burch report, I mentioned my disappointment in not finding any jellies. Well, today was my lucky day. I spotted the Rainy Day Bow Ballets for only $10! They were available in gray, black, and deep coral. This same pair is actually being sold online at full price ($58). That's a 83% discount. Score!! Another great deal I found was on the Lula Glitter Ballets. They were $65 at this sample sale, and you'll be surprised to know, the same pair is currently being sold online for $135.

After nabbing some great shoe deals, I made my way to the jewelry section. I highly recommend looking through this area if you're a fan of J.Crew's jewelry line. There were tons of past seasons' fabulously embellished necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles, and rings. Prices ranged from $15 for bangles to $60 for embellished statement necklaces in crystals & pearls. Other accessories included canvas totes, handbags, scarves, earmuffs, and straw hats. I spotted the Panama hat for only $15. It's currently being sold online at full price ($58). The Scholar satchel from Madewell was also available and the Satin Invitation clutch (only one available) was up for grabs as well.

My final stop was to the racks and racks of clothing. This section was not as impressive as the shoes or accessories departments. I found a selection of work dresses & sundresses but nothing appealed to me. The aisles of racks were cramped and a bit claustrophobic--making it really uncomfortable to browse. If I had to pick an area to shop, my recommendation would be to stay in the shorts & skirts section. There were lots of summer shorts in cute polka–dots & bright fuchsia and skirts were available in sequins, laces, and eyelets. I even found some skirts from the J.Crew collection line. Oh, just remember that there are no fitting rooms at this event...so dress accordingly if you plan to try on items.

The Men's & Crewcuts sections were also abundant. I found rows of men's oxfords & clothes, while the Crewcuts area was filled with racks of adorable clothing & shoes for boys & girls (mostly under $60). As I left, I was told prices would drop later this week and that the inventory would be replenished throughout the sale. So all in all, I'm glad J.Crew found a new home to host their sales. It's definitely worth your time to stop by and shop! As always, you can find the full price list at the end of this article.

Price list:
Adult apparel
Basic tees/Tanks/Polos $15
Embellished tees/Tanks/Polos $20
Hoodies & Sweatshirts $30
Tops & Sweaters $35
Chinos & Corduroy $30
Denim $50
Vests $45
Skirts $50
Pants $70
Blazers $150
Cashmere tees/Short–sleeve/Vests $50
Cashmere sweaters/Pants/Dresses $75
Casual jackets $50
Trenches/Blazers $100
Wool outerwear $150

Crewcuts apparel
Basic tees/Tanks/Polos $10
Embellished tees/Tanks/Polos $15
Knit & Woven shirts/Vests $20
Hoodies & Sweatshirts $25
Cottons & Wool sweaters $30
Cashmere sweaters $50
Shorts $15
Denim/Chino/Cord pants & Skirts $20
Leggings $20
Dresses $30
Suiting pants & Skirts $35
Dress & Special occasion $60
Casual jackets & Vests $40
Blazers $60
Outerwear $70

Men's shoes
Slippers & Scuffs $25
Macalister boots & Driving mocs $65
Leather dress shoes $120

Women's shoes
Rubber flip–flops $10
Slippers & Scuffs $25
Sneakers $35
Flats/Sandals/Espadrilles $65
Heels & Leather dress shoes $100
Boots & Ankle boots $120
Collection shoes $150

Crewcuts shoes
Sandals & Flip–flops $10
Sneakers $30
Flats/Boots/Shoes $45
Collection shoes $60

Hair accessories $5
Pins $10
Bangles $15
Rings $20
Bracelets $25
Earrings $25
Necklaces $35
Embellished necklaces $60

Adult accessories
Socks & Tights $5
Boxers $10
Hats & Small accessories $15
Ties/Belts/Scarves $20
Pajama & Thermals $20
Small fabric bags $20
Medium & Large fabric bags $40
Small leather bags $80
Medium & Large leather bags $120

Crewcuts accessories
Socks & Tights $5
Hair/Hats/Boxers/Small accessories $10
Ties/Belts/Scarves $10
Cold weather accessories $10
Pajama & Thermals $15
Bags & Backpacks $20
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