Jun 6, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Diving into the DVF Sale

As the summer heat starts to roll in, the timing of the Diane von Furstenberg sample sale couldn't have been more perfect. I had a chance to dive into a pool of DVF's bold & bright colors and prints at today's Press/VIP day.

The seasonal Diane von Furstenberg sample sale opened its doors earlier this morning. Although the queue outside wasn't long, the inside atmosphere was exactly as I expected it to be: same chaos...same insanity. Splashes of Diane von Furstenberg's busy patterns and motifs were everywhere. In fact, even though this was not my first DVF sample sale, this event had more prints and graphics than ever before. From leopard prints in intense hues to squiggly stripes in vivid colors and DVF's prominent cloud patterns, the venue was filled with waves of eye-popping pieces.

Regarding pricing, it remained relatively the same as the last sale. Cocktail dresses were $275, swim cover–ups were $125, blouses were $80, and samples (which were located at the back of the room) were $50. I found some great cocktail dresses & swim cover–ups (mostly made with light jersey or silk) that would be perfect for summer soirees or rooftop parties. The wait to try on potential summer wardrobes was as long & slow as previous events. If this is your first time attending, the fitting rooms are in the back of the showroom. Just look for a snaking line of shoppers holding mountains of clothing.

The handbags & accessories section was, in my opinion, a steal. I found many Lytton clutches and Philomena clutches priced $175. The same Philomena clutch in green zebra is being sold online at $325 right now. A great deal, indeed!! The Harper Applique daybags were $225 at this sale and are currently being sold online at full price: $675. Other random accessories included $8 key rings, $30 & $85 scarves, $75 belts, and $10 beach totes. As usual, see the full price list at the end of this article.

Today's preview sale was pretty insane, which makes me believe it'll be worse when it opens to the public tomorrow. If you can, I advise you to stop by today rather than tomorrow. Don't let the Press/VIP day intimidate you, the staff was lax when it came to checking the invitee list. Also, remember that prices usually drop on the last day (this Friday), so MizAdvice is to check back for bigger discounts later this week. Before I end this report, I would like to mention one thing. Today, I saw a mother carrying her baby while she was busy shopping. With loud music blasting away, there were lots of people pushing & shoving and piles of hangers poking you everywhere. So, I plead with super shopping fashion mommies everywhere: Please don't bring your child to this event. It's not safe. No amount of discount is worth putting your precious baby in harm's way. With all the savings to be had, you can spring for a babysitter.

Price list:
Coats $275
Gowns/Cocktail Dresses $275
Leather $250
Wraps & Vintage $150
Dresses $125
Jackets $125
Swim cover ups $125
Sweaters $80
Blouses $80
Skirts $80
Pants $80
Samples $50
Damages $40
Tees $40
Sara Balloon totes $35
Stephanie Medium $325
Maribelle Sac $325
Penny Wave $325
Messengers, Hobos, and Daybags $225
Key rings $8
Clutches $175
Beach totes $10
Arabella wristlet $90
Scarves $30 & $85
Belts $75
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