Jun 13, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Shopping Burch's Merch

Clothingline kicked off their Tory Burch sample sale a day earlier than originally advertised. It seems the sale organizers changed their schedule at the very last minute and sent out an email to inform Tory lovers everywhere. All of this flashiest of flash rescheduling makes me wonder if the opening of the relocated J.Crew sample sale tomorrow has something to do with it. Whatever it was that caused Clothingline to make the sudden change certainly benefited the 350+ ladies that didn't have to go through the usual long wait on opening day.

When I arrived a little after 4:30pm, I was almost sure there wouldn't be anyone in line. Unfortunately, I was wrong. About 30 people were waiting in front of the building and the queue was growing at an exponential pace. Just like the previous Tory Burch sample sales, I was given a numbered ticket to enter the shoe section. You may already be acquainted with the shoe section ticket system, but in case this is your first time, let me give you a quick rundown. The ticket you receive at the entrance is numbered. Once you enter the showroom, head to the back and you'll find a cordoned off shoe area. An employee will call out numbers and when yours is called, you may enter. More about shoes in just a bit. Let's start with clothing, first. Prices ranged from $40 for basic tees and went all the way to $250 for leather jackets. Sizes spanned from XS/0 to L/10. I found lots of colorful tunics that would work well as beach cover–ups. In addition, I found plenty of utilitarian safari jackets & sleeveless trench dresses. I also saw many striped shirts, lace blouses, summer khaki shorts, and a few tweed jackets & coats.

Surprisingly, many of the items from Tory Burch's online store were available at this event. The Patricia dress was only priced $145, while the same item is currently selling for $229.60 online. The Curtis jacket was $195, while the online sale price is $229.60. The biggest bargain was the Beckett leather jacket, which was $250. You can find this online for $579.60. The Gordie jacket (4th photo below) was $195, while the online sale price is $247.50. And finally, the Arjeta dress was $145, while the online sale price is $187.50. So, there was definite deals to be had at this sample sale.

Moving to the shoes. I actually liked this section better than the clothing. Although I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't find any jellies or rain boots, I saw many gorgeous sandals and flats. Here are the prices. Sneakers were $50, ballets & thong sandals were $99, and wedges/pumps/sandals were $150. What's more exciting is that, just like the clothing, all of these shoes were priced lower than on the Tory Burch website. The Sylvia linen pumps were $150. They are currently selling online for $228. The Audrianna sandals were $150. The online sale price is $245. The Emmy sandals (in apple green) were $99. This pair isn't even on sale online. The full retail price is $195.

And finally, we come to the bags. Plenty of Tory Burch's quilted totes & minis in crayon colors grabbed my attention. The small Bev bag was $175. You can find it online for $256. The Alice hobo was $195, while the online sale price is listed as $314. All in all, I'll say that there were many nice bags but they were flying off the (figurative) shelves.

In retrospect, the clothing section was the most disappointing part of this sale. But since most items were priced better than on the Tory Burch website, I would say it's worth your time to drop by. I'm most certain there will be a HUGE crowd come tomorrow, so I suggest bringing an umbrella as the forecast indicates 50% likelihood of showers in the morning. Per usual, the full price list is at the end of this article.

Price list:
Basic tees $40
Embellished tee/Polo $65
Sleeveless/Short sleeve blouse $85
L/S blouses/Sweatshirts $95
Tunics $115
Cardigan $99
Sweaters $125
Shorts/Skirts $75
Pants/Sweatpants/Denim/Leggings $85
Dresses/Kaftans $145
Blazers/Coats $195
All leather/Suede $250

Sneaker $50
Ballet/Thong sandal $99
Sandal/Wedge/Pump $150

Double zip mini bag $150
Small Jaden tote $265
Tevin large E/W hobo $265
Alice hobo $195
Mclane zip tote $295
Bijou hobo $265
Dafina hobo $225
Dafina small hobo $195
Reversible tote $125
Tierney satchel $175
Tierney backpack $175
Alice swingpack $95
Quilted Cire Hailey tote $95
Small Bev bag $175
Dean hobo $225
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