Jul 25, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Peter Lindbergh for Tiffany

Have you ever wondered, behind those beautiful fashion editorials & high–end advertising campaigns, what's really going on and who's behind the camera? I had the rare opportunity to get a sneak peek inside Tiffany's upcoming holiday ad campaign photographed by world renowned master of the lens, Peter Lindbergh.

Though it was a balmy Sunday in July for most of Manhattan, it was snowy Christmas Eve in front of the New York Public Library. For the second year in a row, virtuoso of fashion stills, Peter Lindbergh took the helm of the holiday campaign for Tiffany & Co.. Here's what I can tell you about the shoot. There's a slow sprinkle of snowflakes. Stunningly beautiful Doutzen Kroes, in a flowing pink evening gown, stands under the shimmering lights of the city. Beside her is a man in a perfectly tailored tux. They slowly take a romantic walk down the snow-ladened marble steps of the Beaux-Art main library. It was romanticism at it's finest (sigh~) and a picture perfect postcard for holiday shopping. After wrapping up, Mr. Lindbergh was nice enough to grant an interview. Here's what he had to say.

M: What inspired you to become a photographer?
P.L: Well, it was a little accidental. I was an artist before, then I stopped because I wanted to do something else but I didn't know what. And then, some photographer [Hans Lux] needed an assistant and I worked with him. I figured out real fast that I loved it a lot.

M: What was your most memorable photo shoot?
P.L: Oh! Oh! There was so many. Difficult to say. Maybe the one with Helena Christensen and the little martian man. That one maybe. That was the first time I used something from Mars or another planet. And after, I did a lot of these stories. There is a new book out called, The Unknown, all the pictures have this [today's] kind of lighting coming down.

M: Which model captured your work the best?
P.L: All the supermodels. Since the time of the 90s.

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