Jul 18, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Join the Club (Monaco)

After an employee-only event this morning, the people at Club Monaco decided to open their doors to the public earlier than advertised. The unbearably hot weather made the trek to the far far westside a test of perseverance. But once I made it to the 8th floor of 601 W 26th St, I knew it was worth the trip. How great was the sale? Let me put it this way. One of the perks of being in a club is that you get great deals. Well, when you join Club Monaco for one of their sample sales, the prices are insanely low. I'm talking $5~$35 only (that's right!) on the label's hottest women's & men's clothing and accessories.

Before I get into details, there are 3 things to consider before you join this club. #1: You'll need the mental and physical fortitude to walk to the secluded far west of Manhattan in scorching hot weather. #2: Patience. Don't be overwhelmed by the mountains upon mountains & boxes upon boxes of clothing. I promise, with patience, you'll find something to your liking. Think of it as a scavenger hunt and have fun with it! #3: Bring credit cards. No cash is accepted.

Now that you read that, let's talk about the sale ambiance. I arrived a few minutes after 2pm and waited roughly 20 minutes to get in. Since the rescheduling of the public opening wasn't advertised to the masses, the line consisted mostly of fashionable employees working for other designer labels in the same building. When I finally entered the showroom, it was packed with ladies & gents busily getting first dibs on the heaps & boxes of Club Monaco merchandise. If this is your first sample sale, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of inventory. But never fear. Steel your heart & mind and you should make out just fine.

So, let's talk about the clothing. Coats, jackets, a few dresses & tops were grouped together on wall racks. The rest were thrown into heaps and boxes. Unorganized and in shambles doesn't fully & truly convey how difficult it was to find something. In addition, the fact that shoppers kept grabbing things & mindlessly throwing them away added to the chaos. My feeling is that the only reason people dealt with such disorder was because of the crazy bargain basement prices. Skirts & shorts were only $10. Vests, pants, sweaters, and blouses were $15. Blazers & jackets were $20. You can't get any better than that! Just remember that there is a give & take when it comes to low prices. Some items were damaged while others has the word 'SAMPLE' written in marker. MizAdvice: Check for signs of damage before you get to the register because all sales are final.

Moving to accessories. Sunglasses, jewelries, bags, belts, and scarves were located in the center of the room in boxes. Most items here were in great condition and all were under $35. Even with all these jaw–dropping prices, the best deal was by the register tables. Here I found small accessories priced 2 for $1!!

Finally, there are no fitting rooms and you won't find a single mirror. But really, who cares?! When you can walk out with bags full of Club Monaco's stylish wear and save so much, I doubt you'll see anyone complaining. Bargains like this don't come too often, so if you can, don't miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Price list:
Pants/Jeans $15
Shorts $10
Skirts $10 
Button down shirts $10
Sweaters $15
Vest $15
Knit tops $5
Blouse $15
Active wear $10
Dresses $15
Blazers/Jackets $20
Coats & Trench $25
Leather + Suede coats $35
Bags: small leather bags & clutches $10
Bags: large nylon + canvas bags $20
Bags: nylon + canvas bags $10
Scarves & Hats $10
Gloves, Tights + Socks $5
Web & Nylon belts $5
Ties $5
Books $10
Small leather belts $5
Large leather belts $10
Small accessories $5
Home accessories $10
Jewelry: necklace $10
Jewelry: bracelets, rings, brooches $5
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