Sep 1, 2011

*MIZGUIDES* 20% off Chanel Classics

Every once in a while, Chanel makes the stomach-turning decision to hike up prices on their most coveted classic bags. If you've been following Mizhattan, you know the most recent price increase took place on June 1st. Well, this news is for all you super shopping stylistas who have been tolling away all these years on those hikes. Dare I say, we have reprieve!! Mizhattan is here to guide you through the steps on how you can save BIG on those covetable classics. Bloomingdale's will be offering a 20% discount when you open a line on their credit card between September 8th and September 10th. They usually offer 10%~15% off--depending on event--but next week will be that rare opportunity to score 20%. But before you get too excited, there is a MizAdvice I should mention. Shoppers will not be able to hold items nor be able to order a new shipment. Whatever the department store has in stock on its shelves, is it. So, get up bright and early on the 8th and be first through the doors. If you don't find what you want, don't be dismayed, I'm told many other luxury brands are also included (except LV, of course). Contact Bloomingdale's for designer inclusions. Here's to saving 20% off!!

{Image credit: Haute Kills}
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