Sep 12, 2011

RUNWAY REVIEW: Cynthia Rowley Spring 2012

New York Fashion Week is only about half–way through but I've noticed that sporty chic is being embraced by many American designers for Spring 2012. Cynthia Rowley presented her own Spring 2012 collection on September 9th which was comprised of an exciting mix of abstract watercolor florals, geometric graphics, gold appliqués & textures, and plenty of athletic elements. What I enjoyed most about her 2012 collection was that she didn't forget her signature root: flirtatious silhouettes. I also noticed that the peek-a-boo lazer cutouts from last spring made a flourishing return. Only this time, by incorporated these cutouts into perforated sportswear, it was all very sporty. Spotting Hamish Bowles & Mickey Boardman in addition to celebrities like Lindsay Lohan & Alexa Chung was pretty exciting as well.
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