Oct 24, 2011

Comments Are Now Open!

Early 2010, I began writing Mizhattan as a fun hobby to share my true love for fashion and shopping with my close friends & family. If you've ever wondered why the comments weren't open, this was the reason. But, as a result of overwhelming readership and the lovely people I encountered along the way, Mizhattan has grown to something much bigger than I had ever hoped for. So, I'm ecstatic to inform you that Mizhattan comments are now open! A bazillion thanks to all my fellow Mizhattanites for making this modest and humble site into one of your sources for finding fashion & shopping info! No matter how big or small, I love hearing whatever is on your mind. I truly appreciate all your support & hope the newly open comments section will improve Mizhattan in many ways than one. One thing that I ask of you is to be kind & thoughtful when you voice your opinion with other readers. Even the smallest unintentional words can be hurtful to other people. So, with that out of the way, I invite you to leave your QCCs (Questions, Comments, Concerns) or chat with your fellow Mizhattanites, fashionistas, frugalistas, obessionistas, and super shoppers.


{Photograph by Mario Sierra}

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