Nov 30, 2011

Chanel Retreat

I was browsing the Neiman Marcus Resort Book and found myself unable to pry my eyes away from this Chanel Resort 2012 collection pictorial. Oh~ how restless my daydreaming became. How wonderful would it be to drop everything and be spirited away to an island draped head-to-toe in Chanel? In this fantasy, I'd make sure to pack those black sunglasses, the black & white jacket/swimsuit set, those pearl necklaces, and those silver sequin & lavender lambskin handbags. Care to join me?

{Image credit: Neiman Marcus}


  1. These images are absolutely gorgeous! Indeed it would be a dream to be on an island paradise clad in the sartorial splendor of Chanel.

  2. haha..what a wonderful way of putting it!

  3. Gorgeous! Do you happen to know the price for the silver sequin & lavender lambskin handbag?


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