Nov 29, 2011

*GET HER LOOK* Marilyn Monroe

Has anyone seen My Week with Marilyn? I hear Michelle Williams is amazing in it and I just can't wait to watch it. So, in the spirit of Marilyn Monroe, I thought it would be great to create a special edition of Get Her Look on one of America's most celebrated sex icons in history. It's been almost 50 years since her mysterious death, but Marilyn's sex goddess style continues to be emulated by many high-profile celebrities today. Her famous platinum locks, beauty mark, voluptuous figure, and full-on glam wardrobes are what many remember her by. For me, it would have to be those images of Marilyn Monroe being natural & effortless without heavy jewels or makeup that I find most beautiful. So have a look and see how you can Get Her Look.

Agenda from Mulberry, lace bra from Elle Macpherson, ballpoint pen from Montblanc, Chanel N°5, sunglasses from Tom Ford, leather gloves from Forzieri, leather clutch from Giuseppe Zanotti, dress from Alexander McQueen, camel coat from Martin Grant, and nail polish from Chanel.

{Image credit: unknown}

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