Nov 10, 2011

*MIZGUIDES* Winter Wrapping

I hate to admit it but I can be very lazy and clueless when it comes to wearing a scarf or muffler of any length/material. Even though I wear one quite often and know they're the best way to spruce up any ensemble, I just never figured out how to get the most use out of them. So, if you are as clueless as me, I hope this article will help you learn how to wear a scarf more stylishly this winter. Here, I gathered together some nice examples on how to coordinate your winter wardrobe using scarves. And after the break is an EXCELLENT how-to video that demonstrates how you can create 25 different looks with just one scarf. MizAdvice: Oh! Speaking of scarves, learn how to tie one that is made out of silk from my previous article.


  1. A great guide much thx!

  2. love her scarf video - it's from a fashion blog (


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