Nov 21, 2011

*SALE HUNT* Gucci Private Sale

Last month, I published Gucci's online invitation to their private sale with discounts only on handbags & wallets. Now, I'm happy to announce Gucci's Fall/Winter 2011 RTW, shoes, jewelry, accessories, menswear, and children's items are added to this exclusive sale opportunity. Keep in mind that the sale goes public on December 2nd so you'll have the first privilege to shop their fall collection before anyone else does. To start your search, you need to use this private link.

{Image credit: Grazia Germany, September 2011 via Fashion Gone Rogue}


  1. Any news on the Burberry sale?

  2. ANy news on the Gucci watch sale?

  3. Mizhattan - Do you know if Gucci usually put more stuff on sale after the holidays?

  4. Lauren, there should be additional markdowns after the holidays. But item-wise, your best bet for shopping the widest variety of sale items would be to go before the holidays when the merchandise is plentiful and hasn't been snagged by other shoppers.

  5. Mizhattan~~
    the link u provided for Gucci is not working~~
    Access Denied~~

  6. I'm probably too late.....I don't see anything on the site using that link...

    1. After you click the link I provided above and you're at the Gucci website, you should see in relatively small letters the words "Women" on the top. Click that and you will see all the merchandise on sale.


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