Nov 15, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Groovy Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky fans gathered together early this morning in Midtown in search of the label's hip intimates. When I arrived at the sample sale venue, I found 60+ ladies already in queue. The line, however, actually moved at a rapid pace making my wait only about 30 minutes long. I heard last year's Hanky Panky sample sale was all the rage, so how was it this year?

Hanky Panky's lacy thongs, bralettes, camis, and slips were flying everywhere as shoppers rummaged through the inventory. Thongs had their own devoted section. All kinds of different styles--low-rise, mid-rise, petite, and original--were located on the left side of the venue with 4 sitted employees helping customers fill out forms with their selections so they can pick up their orders near the fitting room area. G-strings were only $10 while retro thongs were $11. Note that if you purchase 12 thongs you get 1 for free. Boy shorts & regular bottom styles such as hipsters and biknis were placed in the center inside large plastic bins. They were mostly laces, but I also spotted many playful prints & erotic leopards. Boy shorts were $12, bikinis were $10, and miscellaneous panties were also $10.

Now that I covered the most popular sections of the Hanky Panky sample sale above, let's move on to camisoles & slips. PJ sets, camis, and tanks all in Hanky Panky's signature laces along with a full variety of prints were hung on racks. Here are the prices: camis & tanks were $12 & $15, short & long sleeves were $15, and Glam bra camis were $22. Since it was a underwear sample sale (meaning you don't really need to try on items), I highly advise you to browse the company's website. That way, you'll be able to use your timing more wisely and avoid unnecessary wait.

If you enjoy playing a little game, there was a fun raffle you could register to play. The winner gets a $150 Hanky Panky gift card. 1 winner will be chosen everyday. A very friendly sales person told me that there is a high possibility that the prices will drop as the sale progresses (most likely on Friday). So to summarize, today's Hanky Panky sample sale did not disappoint. If you can score some hip undies for an affordable price, who can complain?

Price list:
Boy shorts (all styles) $12
Bikini/V-Kini $10
Misc. panties $10
G-strings $10
Retro thongs $11
Leggings $20
Garter thongs & panties $15
Garter belts $10
Bridal leg garter $5
Garter belts (white satin only) $3
Crinolines $20

Bralettes & bandeaux $15
Long line bralettes $15
Bras w/ hook & eye closure $22

Camis/Tanks $12 & $15
Short sleeve/Long sleeve $15
Glam bra cami $22
Short , 3/4 or other long sleeve $17
Shrugs $15
Concealers $5

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  1. Thank you for the review. I went in the evening and there was alot of people shopping.


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