Nov 14, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* One Sui Deal

A bustling week of designer sample sales has begun. And to kick off this mega marathon of sample sales, I decided to check out the Anna Sui sample sale happening in the heart of the Fashion District. Have a look to see if this event offered some "sui-eet~" deals.

The start of this busy bee shopping week actually began rather quietly. Anna Sui's intimate sample sale showroom was filled with only a handful amount of morning shoppers seeking some Monday bargains. After a mandatory coat check, I entered the space with only around 10 racks of Anna Sui's signature bohemian designs--in dresses, pants, skirts, and tops--along with 10 giant cardboard boxes packed with $3, $5, $7, and $10 samples. In these sample boxes, I found basic hoodies, leggings, hats, scarves, and tons of high quality casual t-shirts. Needless to say, the sample boxes were the biggest bargains to be found but that doesn't mean I'm advocating that you avoid the non-samples. In fact, prices for non-sample pieces were also very affordable.

Non-sample items were all hung on racks and there were lots of Anna Sui's iconic prints--paisleys, florals, ginghams, and more. Corduroys seem to rule the pants section. In addition, due to the fact that most of Sui's designs are heavily ornate, a few blazers and jackets in minimal designs stood out amongst the racks. Here are some price points to note: tops were $15 & $20, skirts were $35 & $40, pants were $25, dresses were $100~$150, jackets were $50, coats were $80, and knitwear was $50. As you can see, everything was so darn cheap. Another thing I noticed was that almost all items were made out of lightweight materials. If you are specifically looking for cozy winter wear, then despite all these sweet deals, this sale is not for you. However, if you want a jump start on your next summer wardrobe and happen to love bohemian chic, by all means you should definitely check out this sale.

Finally, near the cash registers there were 5 additional racks of non-sample pieces that were priced higher than the rest. These racks were mostly summery laces, eyelets, and prints. Prices for these items started around $130 and went all the way up to the $280 mark. See the full price list at the end of this article.

Price list:
Sleeveless tops $15
Tops $20
Skirts $35~$40
Pants $25
Dresses $100~$150
Jackets $50
Coats $80
Knitwear $50
Printed tees $10
Trim tees $20
Hoodies $30
Leggings $5
Heart shaped bag $10
Hats $5
Scarves $5


  1. i went after reading your review and got some deals on the samples thanks

  2. how much is swimwear?

  3. When does the sale end?


  4. It ends this Friday, November 18th.

  5. Is it cash only? Thanks for the info btw.

  6. cash or credit i believe

  7. I bought 4 skirts! amazing deals! btw, the girl on the picture is my friend!


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