Nov 15, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Party On, Minkoff!

Attending Rebecca Minkoff's sample sales always feels like a swanky party. Great music, a lively crowd, generous servings of alcohol, and a dynamic shopping energy that energizes me for a round of happy discount shopping. This time around the organizers decided to move to a new venue in Union Square, but other than the change in locale, everything else remained the same. Oh~ happy days!!

The Rebecca Minkoff sample sale officially kicks off tomorrow. But an early preview late this afternoon gave me an opportunity to snag a few Minkoff pieces before the swell of shoppers inevitably descend tomorrow morning. The new sample sale venue was quite spacious and filled with a huge variety of Minkoff's sought-after handbags and clutches. I noticed, as soon as I entered the room, there was a nice selection of footwear available. Being a shoe obsessionista, I was delighted to see this one particular pair--the Brooke sandals (11th photo below)--laying right in front of me...beckoning me with its oh so sweet whisper. After a brief flirtation, I moved on to the few racks of RTW situated near the cash registers. I know many people tend to skip the RTW section at the Rebecca Minkoff sample sales, but I was truly impressed with their clothing selection this time. I spotted very stylish autumn dresses (the leopard print dress in 13th photo below was very appealing), jackets and coats that felt modern & subtly edgy just like her bags.

Okay, let's get to the main event. Bags. Per usual, Rebecca Minkoff's classics like the M.A.B and M.A.C clutches were up for grab. As always and without hyperbole, almost every shopper was hoarding to some degree. But I have to say, as much as I disagree with hoarding, seeing a few patrons carrying 15+ bags in their arms was quite impressive. There's a long list of prices at the end of this article, but to put it in a nutshell, M.A.Bs were $325, M.A.Cs were $180, Nikkis were $300, BF pouches were $160, Kiss & Tells were $130, Boyfriends were $175, Baby Belles were $160, Cherish totes were $175, and Paramours were $275.

I asked one of the employees about restocking and was informed they will replenish daily. I know shoppers find Rebecca Minkoff's bags more appealing but I would definitely check out her RTW & shoes if you plan to attend. Besides, most items in clothing section didn't go over $160 and the snake print leather sandals that are being sold at Saks Fifth Avenue for $325 were only $150 at this event. The Demure sandals are also currently selling online at full price $295 but you can find them marked down to $160 here.

Price list:
Demure $160
Knock-out $150
Bella $160
Bombshell $150
Tease $175
Brooke $175
Moon boot $200
Trott cut-out $175
Flats $100
Siren $75
Brooke mini wedge $125
Doll boots $190
Dime boot $215
Doll wedge $190
Foxy cut-out $175

Virginia laptop case $60
Virginia $105
Casanova $215
Cupid $275
Forever clutch $215
Beau clutch $180
Paramour $275
Covet $215
Quilted Flame $275
Henry $190
Beloved Mini $215
Apache slouch $290
Seduction $275
Infatuation $260
Apache clutch $200
Main Squeeze foldover $200
Stud Rocker $180
3 Zip Rocker $105
Affair $200
Boyfriend $175
M.A.B Mini $300
Quilted M.A.B Mini $300
M.A.B $325
Quilted M.A.B $325
Swing $200
Quilted Swing $200
Quilted clutch $190
5-Zip clutch $180
M.A.C clutch $180
Nikki $300
Flirt Mini $125
Flirty $130
Kiss + Tell $130
Rose clutch-tweed $135
Baby Belle $160
Jelly Bean $95
Obsession $180
3 Zip Rocker $105
Studded Fatale $190
Smitten $125
Denim Lust $100
Covet Rocker $105
BF Pouch $160
Eyelet Rocker $180 
Date clutch $175
Flings $175
Studded Nikki $300
Tryst $275
Matinee $300


  1. I went yesterday too.
    Had a sangria and hauled a cute mab

  2. Wow that girl was going in lmaooo


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