Dec 8, 2011

*LOOK BOOK* Christian Louboutin Spring 2012

Oh boy! Just when I thought I was over Louboutins, their new Spring 2012 collection brings me right back to when my love for Louboutin stilettos first began. Regardless of how much they hurt, I still adore those razor sharp lines and toothpick-thin heels. The Lady Maxi (4th photo below) is what I'm eyeing. Louboutin's spike designs always felt too overwhelming for my taste, but those new Lady Maxis are daring & hot! By the way, some of these shoes--the Melides Panama tiger cork wedges (7th photo below) & the Maxibeads (2nd photo below)--are already available for purchase. See more after the break and let me know which one is your favorite.


  1. Wow I am on with you of the 4th photo, Only if I can even walk to the subway with that... - Viv

  2. I like the ankle straps from the first photo :)
    Like the anon stated, its about navigating the subways and stairs thats the problem

  3. What is the address for the sample sale of Louboutins? Help the one for the 14th

  4. Can you give us the address for the Louboutins sample sale? Thank you.


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