Dec 27, 2011

*SALE HUNT* A Farewell to Filene's

In early November, the discount department store Filene's Basement announced that they will be going out of business. Needless to say, this meant a huge savings opportunity for bargain shoppers. Time has passed, and now, there are only 3 more days until the official closing. I decided to stop by their Union Square location to see if I could take advantage of their going-out-of-business sale.

First and foremost, the closing of Filene's Basement means no more of the company's iconic Running of the Brides event (oh, how I will miss watching bridezillas going bananas over discounted Vera Wangs!). When I dropped by their Union Square location last Tuesday, I found that all bridal gowns were selling for $59. Well, these $59 gowns are now $39! The selection has dwindled quite a bit compared to last week with only 2 small racks of bridal gowns remaining. It may be difficult to find exactly what you were looking for, but if you are a frugal bride-to-be, it couldn't hurt to look.

So, what about deals for non-brides? For starters, the women's shoe section was a ghost town. All shoes were 70% off the lowest ticketed price, but it really didn't matter since both quality & quantity were low. Instead, I suggest hitting the denim section as there were still numerous tables of ladies jeans offered at an additional 60% off the lowest ticketed price. Designer RTW merchandise was almost nonexistent, but I did spot a satin bolero from Escada. If you are looking for some fuss-free sleepwear at really cheap prices, there were still tons of basic loungewear items & lingerie mostly priced $5 & under. I was able to find a 3 pair set of warm & comfy lounge socks for $3.50. Finally, the children's clothing section was surprisingly abundant with discounts of 60% off the lowest ticketed price.

Overall, you'll find everything in the store 60~70% off the lowest ticketed price. Most merchandise was picked-over, however, lots of shoppers were finding a handful of items to take home. This Thursday, December 29th, will be their last day. It is still uncertain if there will be further markdowns but I was told by one of their employees to check back this Thursday.

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