Dec 14, 2011

*SAMPLE SALE* Hello Mr. Roger

If there is anything better than shoe shopping, it's discount shoe shopping. France's finest luxury footwear brand, Roger Vivier, hosted their first ever sample sale at Soiffer Haskin today. From practical pumps to whimsical evening sandals, the showroom proved to be shoe heaven on earth.

Here's a question. When you were a child, did you ever play in a fort made out of unused cardboard boxes? Well today, I saw the grown up version. A glamorous fort made entirely out of Vivier's vibrant red boxes. Ladies, I'm not kidding about the mountains of boxes that filled the event space. They were stacked so high that some of the staff behind the tables were hidden from view. There were countless styles of Bruno Frisoni's creations for the French house, and even though I frequently visit their flagship boutique, I have never seen so many Viviers in my life. So let's first talk about pricing. Prices were determined by whether the shoe had Roger Vivier's signature buckles or not. A 50~70% discount was already applied to everything in stock but an additional 20% off was offered to non-buckled shoes. Classics were priced as marked.

Let me start with the classics. Like I said, they were individually priced. I spotted patent flats, satin ballerinas, summer thong sandals like these, Rose N Rolls (my favorites!!), winter boots, booties, and tons more. Most of the buckle classics were priced $275. Non-classics such as exotic skin sandals were $220 (7th photo below on right), studded suede booties were $420, Belle Lucies were $340 (2nd photo below), leather t-straps were $220 (3rd photo below), and navy satin straps were $220 (8th photo below).

To the right side of the showroom, gorgeous handbags & small leather goods were on display. Like the shoes, merchandise was abundant. Starting from evening satin clutches in various jewel tones to playful Cut-Up bags in different types of leather, many ladies were happily picking away at the offerings. A classic buckle shoulder bag (12th photo below) was $625, patent leather small shoppers were $531, and the Cut-Ups were $701 (11th photo below). A red satin evening clutch (15th photo below) & a long patent buckle clutches (16th photo below) seemed perfect for evening affairs. The red satin was going for $275 while $425 got you the long patent. In addition, I found an assortment of leather gloves and $100 metal bangles. The bangles were stylish but I had to put them back because they were too heavy.

The staff was so attentive and helpful in finding your size that I felt as though I was at a boutique rather than a sample sale. And unlike the Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik sample sales, you get to take home clean shoe boxes which is a huge plus for any shoe obsessionista. Overall, with sufficient markdowns and towering amounts of merchandise, I'd say today's Roger Vivier sample sale was a winner for anyone discount sole searching!


  1. Looks like I'm going to have to step out of working for a while. Thanks for the report :D

  2. Dear Miz - will there be a price reduction on the last day?

  3. I was told there won't be any further markdown.


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