Jan 18, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Hello (Miki)moto

Three reasons why you should consider investing in pearls this year. One: 1920s jazz age aka flapper fashion will be "in" this spring. Two: If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then pearls follow closely behind in second because they never go out of style. If these two reasons are not convincing enough, here's the third one. Mikimoto is currently holding an employee sale.

Just like last year, the Mikimoto employee (FYI, it's open to the general public) sale attracted many shoppers. The waiting experience was not much different from last January. Well over 50 shoppers were crammed inside the narrow hallway of the jeweler's 5th Ave showroom with no cell reception to keep them busy. Having to wait almost two hours and a half in the claustrophobic space was definitely excruciating and got me to question why I had come here again when I swore I wouldn't. Just when I felt like giving up, I spotted two pregnant ladies--one who came fully prepared with her own travel seat--gave me a reason to stay. If they could survive this in their physical condition, then I should be able to make it.

So after waiting what felt like an eternity, I entered the showroom. The ambiance and the set up inside was exactly the same as last time. Glass showcases full of Mikimoto's finest pearls were elegantly lined up. These showcases were divided into two groups: Mikimoto on the left and the more affordable Blue Lagoon on the right. I'll start with the extravagant Mikimoto side first. From pearl drop earrings & graceful pendants to multi-strand necklaces & bracelets, I found tons of beautiful pieces. Price tags with red dot stickers were 50% off, blue dots were 60% off, green dots were 65% off, and yellow dots were $70% off. Since every customer was provided 1-on-1 service, it's better to let the sales associate calculate the discounted prices. But to give you a brief idea, earrings from the Mikimoto label started around $3,000 and went up all the way up to around $12,500. Pendant necklaces started from $1,500 and went up to $4,000. These prices are the discounted prices.

Blue Lagoons, which were located on the right side of the showroom, were more affordable. Pearl drop earrings were around $320~$410, while pendants were around $275~$430. If you're interested in bracelets, there were two different styles. Single strand bracelets were priced around $445~$1,200 and prices for double strands started from $1,425. 

The claustrophobic queue is usually only on opening day. So if you hate the idea of waiting in tight spaces without any cell reception to connect you to the outside world, I suggest going there tomorrow or the day after.


  1. Hi Miz, Thanks for the Miki review and wonderful pics. Given last years' wait time with no cell reception, I was wondering if you would go. But my better side convinced me that of course you would go. : ) Thanks for be so brave!! I was anxiously waiting for your report and as always, you never disappoint.

    This will be my 1st Miki sale outing so I hope that there will be nice merchandise left on Friday.

    Did you find anything for yourself? I am looking for a pair of diamond/pearl earrings and a pendant necklace... Will let you know on Friday how my excursion goes.

    So given the last 2 experiences on opening day, will you go next time?

  2. Thx, are the prices you listed PRE discount.

  3. Hi Gwendolyn,
    I saw plenty of pearl/diamond drop earrings & pendant necklaces. Hopefully you'll find something to your liking. Let me know your experience on Friday. I am seriously debating if I should go next time. We'll see! :)

    To Anon above,
    These prices are POST discount.

  4. I was there on Wednesday. Had to wait for about an hour to get in (and I am pregnant too. Got myself a black pearl bracelet for $3,600 after 70% discount. A little expensive, but, this is an item to stay forever.

    Good luck shopping ladies!

  5. I went today. I found a number of earrings that were priced way below $3,000, though more than $1,000. They were all Mikimoto line.

    Many beautiful pieces with a wide range of prices.

  6. Hi Miz, I got there at 10am and pleasantly saw that there was no line. Sales lady was very nice. I saw many beautiful pieces but probably not as much stock as when you were there as I overheard a disappointed lady said the piece she had wanted "was gone". I had a wonderful time perusing the Miki stock. Purchased a tahitian/diamond earrings at 60% off for $1,920 and a matching lariat necklace at 70% off. I did browse the Blue Lagoon line and stock was very low.

    Since I was in the vicinity, I went to Bloomies and found the MONCLER down jacket that was out of stock online. Glad I went because not only did they have it, it was also 50% off!

    Thank you again and looking forward to reading more of your outings and reviews!!

  7. I went and bought Tahitian and diamond chip pearl earrings which were priced at $3800 originally. Similar earrings are on their website for only $750. The only difference is the shape of the pearl. Is cultured round worth that much more than a baroque shape in the same size?

    Is it possible that they jack up the "original" price?

  8. I don't think they jack-up the prices, the pieces I viewed lined up with the website price.

    Also alot of pieces I couldn't find on their website also...

    there does seem to be wide range of prices for items which look similar though.

  9. Thank you so much ladies for the updates! Your fellow Mizhattanites & I sincerely appreciate it!

  10. What is the difference in Blue Lagoon Pearls and other Mikimoto pearls? I found a strand of Blue Lagoon at an estate sale for $500.00 and bought them,not knowing the difference. Please let me know. Thank you Miz.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Was off for the long weekend.

      The Blue Lagoon pearls aren't as of high quality compared to the ones sold at the Mikimoto boutiques. Blue Lagoon pearls cannot be purchased at their stores. Instead, Mikimoto sells these pearls to other jewelry outlets. Hope that helps!

      Personally, it doesn't matter as long as the pearls are beautiful, don't you think?


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