Feb 22, 2012

*DESIGNER COLLAB* Searching for Wu

Hope you aren't over the Jason Wu for Target yet, because many pieces from the collection are slowly reappearing in Target stores thanks to shoppers making returns. It's been 17 days since the launch of this collab and because I missed out on opening day, I decided to make a late trip to Queens to see if I could find some luck.

The Target store I visited was located in Flushing. I've been procrastinating a trip outside Manhattan, but today's 56 degree gorgeous weather gave me motivation to jump on the express 7 for a 25 minute ride into Queens. Jason Wu's merchandise was clearly visible from the entrance of the store--a delightful sight. So, here's what I spotted: navy trench coats, lace-print skirt, Belize blue long-sleeve cardigan, Belize Blue pleated blouse, printed cycle dress, pale pink sheer blouse, dot-print shirt dress, navy floral skirt, red/navy striped dress, bow-front T-shirt, and lace-print gray T-shirt

I found mostly medium, large, and extra-large sizes (small was nonexistent). Unfortunately, accessories such as handbags & scarves were not available. I know you shouldn't expect too much from high-end designer pieces at big box retailer prices, but I was quite disappointed with the quality of the merchandise. To throw in my personal opinion, I would rather save the money and spend it on the Marni at H&M in two weeks. But if you are still interested in purchasing, I suggest making a trip to one of Target locations now. It seems many stores are carrying a selection of returned products. But before you go, call the store first or search the item you want online as you can find out which location carries that product.


  1. I wasn't interested in any of the clothes because they looked cheap and of inferior quality even in the initial lookbook photos. I've been desperate for one of those adorable Milu scarves though. Sadly, I don't think people will be returning many of those.

  2. Here on the West Coast (California) they've been restocking the handbags and a few scarves. None of the Milu cat scarf or tote, though :-(


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