Feb 16, 2012

*SALE HUNT* Barneys Warehouse Pandemonium

It seems as though it's been ages since I've covered a sale. I guess I've been saving all my energy for the big return of the Barneys Warehouse Sale. Today's opening marks Mizhattan's fourth visit, and regardless of the fact that I got up at the crack of dawn, it felt nice to see the faces of New York shoppers again. So, shall we start?

Let me begin by saying that today's Barneys Warehouse Sale was a total letdown for me. Not only was the merchandise noticeably scarce, a lot of items were damaged. The shoe section, especially, was a huge disappointment. If you've been looking to score some deals on designer shoes, forget about it! Shoe racks were mostly comprised of Barneys Co-Ops and a minuscule amount of designer labels--mostly leftovers from the last sale. Here are some prices from the limited designer selection. Manolo Blahnik's scalloped pumps were $469 (originally $775 & 9th photo below), Carven's bow slingbacks were $229 (originally $565 & 6th photo below), and Alexander Wang's Simona sandals were $359 (originally $895 & 5th photo below). Having only found disappointment in the shoe section, I hoped for better finds in RTW.

Women's designer clothes were located on the main floor, while men were relegated to the basement. But I noticed the amount of clothes on the racks were utterly insufficient. With only FOUR racks of designer wear, I was in total shock. How could this be?! Was this lack of merchandise due to the concurrent LA sale?? And to make matters even worse, the quality of clothing on these four racks were HORRIBLE. High-end labels like Nina Ricci, Lanvin, CĂ©line, and Rodarte were damaged, torn, or badly stained. Furthermore, many pieces were missing price tags so figuring out how much they were was a chore. I managed to find three items that did have tags. A pleated Lanvin dress in maroon was $789 (originally $1,975), a crepe Altuzarra skirt was $159, and an open weave knit from Rodarte was $689 (originally $2,760 & 15th photo below). Over in the contemporary section, brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor, Rodarte for Opening Ceremony, Theyskens' Theory, and Vince caught my eye. Next to these labels stood two racks of intimates and swimwear.

Moving to handbags. I've never had any luck in the handbag section and this time was no different. Although I spotted tons of shoulder bags from Deux Lux--looked very much similar to Bottega Veneta's signature woven styles--there were nothing that grabbed my attention. I also spotted a handful of Lanvin messengers & quilted totes but they all had broken straps.

Savvy shoppers who've been attending the Barneys Warehouse Sale for quite some time will know that many of the items available on the first day are priced EXACTLY the same as the final markdown at the Barneys department store. As much as we anticipate opening day of BWS, it would be wiser to shop towards the end of this sale as prices continue to drop. And per usual, I will make sure to announce when they actually start further markdowns.


  1. thank you for the review mizhattan ^^

  2. +1 for the coverage. It's been a long time, Miz. Good to see you are still in good form :)

    Sad that the merch sucked.

  3. Not entirely surprising....
    Back in the summer it was already a disaster (i came with a friend who lives in LA and she was shocked, didn’t look like THEIR Sample Sale at all, she said).

  4. Asians going crazy? Who's a racist? Anonymous commentor above is probably extremely ashamed, otherwise is a complete psychopath

  5. was there any Erdem merchandise?

  6. Thanks Mizhattan for the Erdem update. I have an infant so it would have been a trek for me otherwise - much appreciated. : )

  7. Haha the shoppers look pretty much all Asian though! How is that racist, looks like an honest observation to me..."going crazy" is kind of silly, but calling someone a "racist psychopath" for that...sensitive much?

    Thanks for the info on the sale, Mizhattan! :)

  8. Great sales info as well. What a disappointment...

    I wonder if the pictures were of other races, it would be appropriate to say;

    Whites going crazy
    Blacks going crazy
    Hispanics going crazy
    Jews going crazy

    Just wondering...

  9. Mizhattan, why will you announce when there will be further markdowns??? Do you want to draw the entire world to Barney's and ruin the sale for people like you did with the ferragamo sale? Let people figure it out for themselves. That's part of getting a good sale. If there are 10000000 people at the sale when they have further markdowns you can blame Mizhattan when you get elbowed in the face by a sweet Asain girl who claims not to speak english.

  10. Jews are whites silly....usually.

  11. Agree with your opinion. I live in Chelsea and always attend warehouse sale. This one is the worst not just prices were disappointing, but selection in general is very poor. And shoes... Some of them from 2010 warehouse sale!!! I guess they keep reselling them With no luck


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