Feb 29, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Savor Scents at Diptyque

Save your cents while you savor scents at the Diptyque sample sale. Though it officially begins tomorrow morning, some lucky shoppers were able to shop a day early. Even though today's dreary weather was nothing but depressing, the luxurious Diptyque aroma permeating their corporate showroom lured me right in and lifted my spirit. Ahhh... Mmmm... Shall we begin?

To briefly sum up today's sale, most standard size candles were half off. If you've never purchased a Diptyque candle or fragrance before, do a quick price search on their website before hitting the sale tomorrow as merchandise were not marked with original prices.

So, here are some prices & styles I found. Starting with the standard candles, I was able to find different kinds of scents like Maquis, Fenouil Sauvage, Aubépine, Feuille de Lavande, Ambre, Pomander, Mousses, Chêne, and Thé. They were all $30 each (originally $60). If you're not familiar with these names, there's no need to worry because there were plenty of sample testers to help novice scent shoppers decide. To delve deeper into pricing, scented shower gels were $22, body creams were $34, body lotions were $28, roll-on colognes were $24, spruce pine & spiced plum candles were $30, room sprays were $30, coffrets were $42, travel sets were $40, candle care essentials were $50, and colognes were $44~$68. Oh, if you are a big fashion-conscious shopper, there were John Galliano candles for $34. As per usual, the full price list is at the end of this article.

Finally, it's worth noting that they don't accept cash and this sale runs until this Friday. If you want to stock up on presents (birthday, holidays, or otherwise) for your family and friends, I highly suggest stopping by. I must say, everything smelled soo~ good!!

Price list: 
Travel set $40
Travel refill $20
Travel kit $18
Room sprays $30
Box of soap $8
Scented shower gel $22
Lait lavant tester $18
Cologne roll-on $24
Scented body lotion $28
Scented body cream $34
Solid perfume $24
Project Red candles $34
190g colored candles $34
John Galliano candles $34
Philosykos coffret $42
Standard candles $30
Spruce pine & spiced plum candles $30
Coffrets $42
Colognes $44~$68
Candle snuffer $19
Candle stand $11
Candle care essential $50
Scented ovals $23
34 collection candle $40


  1. Hi Miz, in your experience, is it a good deal sale? Worth to buy? Did you score any?
    Thanks a lot for your posting.

  2. Hi taap! I thought it was worth the trip. While standard candles were discounted 50% off retail, colored candles were discounted around 60%.

  3. the line was insane this morning! was waiting but had to leave to go to work :(

  4. The sale has been shut down (apparently the building permits weren't in place).

  5. Hi Miz,

    Do you happen to know by any chance if the sale is still going on tomorrow since someone just posted that the sales has been shut down. Also, I would like to know if they are re stocking tomorrow.

    Thanks so much! Hope you can answer my questions! :)

  6. Yes, the sale will reopen tomorrow (9am~5pm). The new location is 225 Fifth Ave. (bet. 26th & 27th St.). Not sure if they'll replenish, I suggest getting there early. :)


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