Feb 21, 2012

Working Romance

I've always been fond of Lyn Devon's designs. Not only are her pieces uncomplicated and wearable, but you can also sense a hint of Audrey Hepburn in them. For Fall 2012, Lyn Devon envisions a woman from the 50s living in New York City. Best part is, she is in love! Sounds romantic, doesn't it? And because there are signs of romance throughout the collection, I feel these ensembles would work well as stylish office wear. Case in point, the navy bird-print skirt, pale pink boxy coat, herringbone blazer, angora cardigan coat, and cropped pencil trousers would look incredibly nice in an office setting. Even the last two ensembles (8th & 9th photo below) would work fabulously as after-work party attires. Perhaps the woman Devon envisioned was a career gal in love?

{Image credit: Style.com}

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