Mar 30, 2012

Sales Tax Exemption Returns

Other than the fact that today's Friday, here's something else to "woohoo" about. Beginning this Sunday, April 1st, tax-free shopping returns to NYC! Keen shoppers will remember a time when the City and State of New York implemented a tax-free policy on items under $110. It was to promote shopping at retail outlets and draw shoppers away from NJ. Well, a portion of this little perk was taken away from shoppers after the recession--namely the 4% state sales tax and 0.375% Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District tax--to help close the state budget. But starting Sunday, any piece of clothing or footwear less than $110 will be exempt from the 8.875% tax. So, my MizAdvice is to make sure you check your receipts for the next couple of weeks as some retailers may be slow to update their systems to reflect the change.

{Image credit: Marie Claire}


  1. is it includes kind of designer brands? such as chanel, prada, marni ,,,etc

  2. Any piece of clothing or footwear under $110 is exempt from tax.


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