Apr 12, 2012


Choo Choo! Everyone, hop on board! Your sale journey on this Jimmy Choo sole train is about to begin. The much anticipated return of the Jimmy Choo sample sale kicked off this morning in Chelsea. And just as I expected, a massive crowd of Choo lovers formed a long line outside the Metropolitan Pavilion. So, without further ado, let's begin this sole journey. All aboard!

I was still feeling pretty bummed about the no-show Herm├Ęs sample sale in March; so news of the Jimmy Choo sample sale was just what I needed to cheer myself up. When I attended the VIP preview this morning, the 4th floor of the Metropolitan Pavilion was filled with Jimmy Choo's past shoe, handbag, and accessory collections. Needless to say, the shoe section was where the brunt of the commotion was at. Pairs of pumps, flats, platforms, booties, and sandals were organized by size and were thrown together in piles on top of tables. Amongst the mayhem, I spotted lots of nude pumps in patent leather, Jimmy Choo x UGGs, Jimmy Choo x Hunters, bridal shoes, espadrilles, sneakers, exotics, and glittery evening stilettos.

While the sale space was shoe heaven, I do have to warn you about one thing. A majority of the merchandise were either damaged or showed signs of wear. VIP shoppers didn't seem to mind though, as ladies were snatching up pairs of Jimmy Choos for only $75!! Plus, if you looked carefully enough, you could find gorgeous stilettos & pumps with just minor defect. Well worth the 75 dollar price tag. For Choo-lovers interested in only pristine wears, you'll be happy to hear that there were new & unworn shoes available as well. However, they were much pricier at $225 per pair.

As for handbags, prices started from $250 for small, $350 for medium, and $450 for large. Exotic skins were charged an additional $200. There were tons of clutches, totes, and shoulder bags in exotic skins, leopard prints, patent leathers, and metallics. But be careful as many handbags also showed signs of damage/wear.

Today's VIP preview was pure madness. Though I'm not sure how the public opening went this afternoon, employees were continuously unloading boxes & boxes of new merchandise, which is always a good sign. Finally, for those wondering whether you can get a better deal tomorrow, I was informed that prices will not drop. So, I suggest heading over now rather than later. See the full price list at the end of this article.

Price list:
Worn $75
New/Unworn $225

Small $250
Medium $350
Large $450

Scarves $100
Sunglasses $50
Small leather goods $75


  1. Thank you for always posting these reviews. You're my goto blog for anything shopping related.

  2. Thanks for the review. Do they marker/sharpie off the label like Manolo's?

  3. did anyone attend the public sale this afternoon? how "worn" were the $75 shoes? worth the wait??

  4. Sarah, they do strike a portion of the label with a marker.

  5. What time do they close tonight? I am hoping to stop by after work in a bit

  6. Any chance they will extend hours passed six?

  7. It's closed for today. Ended at 6pm. Try tomorrow between 9~6

    Time/Location Info

  8. Is it worth going tomorrow? I am a size 7

  9. Went at about 10am today. Complete waste of time....I have to agree that it was full of garbages. Couldn't believe JC had the nerve to sell those damaged ones, wouldn't buy them for $5...


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