May 2, 2012

Quirky & Sexy

Quirky cat-eye frames & sexed up Louboutins! They seem like an interesting mix, don't you think? In a totally unconventional way, it lends a certain je ne sais quoi to what would be sweet & girly pastel ensembles. As my fellow Mizhattanites know, I have a fond weakness for retro styling. So, to see 50s inspired cat-eye glasses paired with translucent point-toe ankle straps is fantastic!

{Image credit: Velvet Italy via mode}


  1. Love the mix, has a sexy 50s secretary vibe! XXX Suzanne
    PS Did you hit Vivienne Westwood today? Wondering what the discounts are and if I should make the trek...

  2. Idee Fixe,

    Sorry, I couldn't go to the Vivienne Westwood sale because I had to attend the Manolo Blahnik sample sale today.


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