Jun 4, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Perfect Prints at DVF

Though today's rainy cool weather points to the contrary, summer is indeed coming with its hot and humid temps. And that means one thing. It's time to find that perfect summer print you'll be wearing throughout the hot season. Thankfully, in comes the DVF sample sale to save the day & your bank balance. I attended this morning's press preview and had a chance to catch a glimpse of what will be offered at the public opening. So, let's have a look!!

There are only a handful of sample sales that New Yorkers get really excited about, and the Diane von Furstenberg event is definitely one of them. Season after season, DVF fans eagerly anticipate and brave the busy crowds in attempt to discount shop von Furstenberg's signature prints & patterns--a sample sale tradition, if you will. And with no surprise, today's press opening was exactly how I envisioned it--hordes of hoarders & a healthy dose of chaos.

To get into the nitty gritty, here's what I found while browsing the clothing section. There were TONS of dresses this year. From bold & busy wrap dresses to simpler silhouettes in solid colors (which would make a great office dress), the sale had 'em all. I found the Maja Two dress, the Linnia shirt dress, and the Sol sequined dress in a wide array of sizes. Prices didn't seem to differ too much from their last sale in December. Coats were $275, dresses were $130, jackets were $130, skirts were $90, and samples were $50. For more prices, check out the full price list at the end of this article.

While the clothing section was abundant with lovely dresses & tops, the handbag & accessory section was scarce and rather disappointing. I spotted the Kaya printed canvas bag, the Lytton small clutch, the Adele checked-weave clutch (currently being sold at NET-A-PORTER for $237), and the Tonda embossed python clutch.

As I mentioned before, new merchandise will be arriving throughout the week. For frugal fashionistas in search of the ultimate bargain, I suggest waiting until the end of the sale, as further reductions are expected (I'll make sure to keep you updated via Twitter). So ladies, get ready to soak up every bit of DVF splendor at the public sale, and have fun shopping. If you just can't stand the initial throng of frantic shoppers, your best bet would be to drop by Wednesday, as the chaos will have died down by then.

Price list:
Coats $275
Gowns/cocktail dresses $275
Leather $250
Wraps and vintage $150
Dresses $130
Jackets $130
Swim cover ups $125
Swim suits $50
Sweaters $90
Blouses $90
Skirts $90
Shorts $85
Pants $85
Samples $50
Damages $40
Tees $40
Tanks $20
Large bags $285
Small bags $200
Belts $60
Scarves $70


  1. Thank you so much for your update! Can I ask if you saw any of the DVF Hatsu dresses available?

  2. Christine, If I remember correctly, I did not see any Hatsu dresses.

  3. Great update! Thank you! Do you know what time they close today, and if they'll be strict on the press list?

  4. Thank you so much, Mizhattan! You always have the best intel!

  5. Soozy, They close at 7pm today.

  6. There are not many wrap dress in size 0 or 2. If you girls are small size like me should go as soon as possible.

  7. Do they have a good selection in the larger sizes ? Size 8 and 10 ?

  8. I saw a bunch of 8, 10, and 12 today

  9. They also said they are getting a new shipment of stuff on Thursday

  10. anyone know when they are going to mark down prices?

  11. As of yesterday the prices were the same. I will check today and update if they do mark down

  12. I left at around 3pm today, no mark down at that time yet. The sales girl said that last two days, it was making the record breaking sales. If you are size 0 or 2, there aren't much left.

  13. Has any one seen if the Meiko Dress is avail at the sale?

  14. Yes, I have seen many in silver/gray color, and some in blue, as of today around 4pm.

  15. any price mark down?


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