Jun 21, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Rodarte: Location Confirmed

Known to be super discreet, the Rodarte sample sale is scheduled for Tuesday, June 26th. If you're on their email list, you should have received an invite with a 'save the date'. But since Rodarte is notorious for not revealing the location until the very last minute, I have gone ahead and confirmed the venue to save you time & energy. Rodarte will hold their sample sale at the Ace Hotel located at 20 W. 29th Street. If past sales are any indication, staff rarely check names at the door, so feel free to pop by next Tuesday.

Where: The Ace Hotel, 20 W. 29th St. (bet. 5th & Broadway)

When: Tuesday, June 26th, 9am~7pm

{Image credit: A Magazine}


  1. Closing tonite at 7:30pm for F&F. Not checking names on list. Mostly Rodarte for Opening Ceremony. Prices keep on getting higher on every sale and merchandise is average. Room 611.

  2. is there anything good left? what are the prices like?

  3. Any good mens stuff?

  4. NO MENS! Never understand why they don't bring more mens stuff.

    Mostly Rodarte for Opening Ceremony. They were still pricing items last night. Shirts from OC were going for $80 and that was the cheaper items I saw yesterday. The runway stuff is going for $2000++.

    Double check the OC website sale to make sure their prices arent cheaper before you buy on this sample sale.

  5. Any updates on this sale? There is never info on this sale when it happens. No photos, no prices, no nothing NEVER


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