Aug 21, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Deep Discounts Delivered at DKNY

Though the start of the fall sample sale season doesn't officially begin until later this year, bargain-conscious fashionistas took full advantage of today's DKNY sample sale. I attended the label's preview this afternoon and found a large crowd of shoppers hustling & bustling inside the 260 Fifth Ave venue. Would you expect anything less when the sale has been absent from the NYC sample sale scene for well over a decade? So, let's dive in, shall we?

Before I get into details on the DKNY merchandise, I would like to mention that there was a small selection from the Donna Karan collection. This completely took me by surprise. Though selection & sizes were very limited, it was nice to see her signature draped jersey dresses along with some seriously luxurious camel coat jackets. Donna Karan is the master when it comes to curve-contouring silhouettes & figure flattering drapes and I couldn't believe her collection pieces were available for no higher than $125. Jackets & dresses were $125, tops were $85, shoes were $85, and handbags were $85 & $125. Incredible, isn't it?

Now, let's get to the diffusion line. Just like the Donna Karan merchandise, prices were pretty reasonable for DKNY goods. Other than heavy winter outerwear (shearlings, leathers, jackets, and coats), most DKNY items were $85 & under. The clothing section was organized by size and included plenty of dresses, skirts, knits, jackets, and sweaters. There was also a nice selection of "night-out" wardrobe pieces, DVF-esque print dresses, gleaming paillette skirts, and shimmery metallic laces. Speaking of party wear, the shoes section--located towards the back of the venue--included a handful of glittery sandals & high platforms. I also spotted studded pumps, basic flats, summer wedges, and flip flops. As for prices, DKNY boots & booties were $50. Sandals, pumps, and flats were $30.

The handbag section--located near checkout--was by far the most popular area. I found the small space teeming with shoppers hoarding $40 & $75 DKNY handbags. Adjacent to the bags, I spotted plenty of $20 wallets & $45 sunglasses. As for mens, jackets & suits were $125, sweaters were $50, pants & shorts were $40, and tops were all $30. If you want a jump start on winter outerwear, shearlings were $500, leathers were $250, and coats were $125. These prices were for both men & women. You can see the full price list at the end of this article.

The official public opening of this DKNY sample sale starts early tomorrow morning. Judging by today's preview, I suspect there will be long lines and plenty of commotion. Although there were a few designs that weren't to my liking, prices definitely made up for it.

Price list:
Shearling $500
Leather $250
Outerwear $125
Jackets $125
Dresses $85
Shirts & Blouses $50
Sweaters $50
Pants $40
Shorts $40
Skirts $40
Knits & Tees $30
Swim $20

Shearling $500
Leather $250
Outerwear $125
Jackets $125
Suits $125
Sweaters $50
Pants $40
Shorts $40
Knits & Tees $30
Shirts $30

Large handbags $75
Small handbags $40
Belts $50
Boots & Booties $50
Shoes & Sandals $30
Men's shoes $30
Scarves $25
Wallets $20
Gloves $10
Hats $10
Ties $10
Flip flops $10
Underwear $10
Hosiery, Socks, & Tights $5
Small cases $5

DKNY Jeans
Denim $30
Outerwear $30
Jackets $30
Dresses $30
Knits & Tees $15
Shirts & Blouses $15
Sweaters $15
Pants $15
Shorts $15
Skirts $15

Donna Karan Collection
Jackets $125
Dresses $125
Large handbags $125
Small handbags $85
Shirts & Blouses $85
Sweaters $85
Pants $85
Skirts $85
Shoes & Sandals $85
Boots & Booties $85
Knits & Tees $45
Eyewear $45
Intimates $10
Hosiery, Socks & Tights $10


  1. I can always count on you to get the scoop first. I'm not a fan of DKNY clothes but I might stop by later in the week to check out the bags and shoes. A bit sad that there's no perfume. My DKNY perfumes are my absolute favorites.

    1. Aww... thank you.
      There were no perfumes but you should definitely check out the sale later. Prices were really great. :)


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