Aug 28, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Schouler Is In Session

Dynamic design duo, Jack McCollough & Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler, hosted their end of summer sample sale in Soho today. Bargain-minded Schouler girls lined up in front of the sale venue way before the official opening hour in hopes to get their hands on the label's standout pieces.

By the time I arrived at the sale, it was 9:30am. There were only about 25 shoppers in front of me, but the line grew exponentially as it neared opening time. Keep in mind that although the sale flyer indicated 82 Mercer St. as the sale location, the entrance is actually situated at 74 Mercer St. After patiently waiting for about 30 minutes, I entered the huge sale space filled with the label's Spring '12 collection along with a few pieces from older seasons. As in the past, the ambiance inside was utter chaos--many shoppers were hoarding and browsing aggressively.

Now, let's talk about the merchandise. I spotted plenty of Proenza Schouler's Spring 2012 collection--comprised of high-waist shorts, eel-skin skirts, trompe l'oeil frocks, hawaiian florals, graphic patterns, and tiger prints. Prices for jackets ranged from $293 to $698, and I found various styles like tweeds & leather trimmed V-necks. Shorts, mostly white & black cotton sateen pocket shorts, were priced $119. I also spotted a pair of orange eel skin shorts for $501. In the pants section, I saw cuffed Kelly green crop pants for $218, bold prints with leather pockets for $200, and Hawaiian florals for $428. Skirts were available in wrapped front orange florals for $359, moody gray tweeds for $269, and floral print full georgettes for $207. In the dress section, nothing was under $200. Here, I managed to find orange Hawaiian print dresses for $599, sleeveless tweeds for $402, tribal print button downs for $250, black short sleeves with leather pockets for $488, and lightweight printed silk strapless dress for $465.

Handbags were placed inside plastic bins and located in the center of the room. There were only a few messenger bags, camera bags, and mini totes. All were highly undesirable in my opinion. Only a few lucky shoppers, who entered the sale first, were able to snatch up the handful of shopping totes. Oh well, the early bird gets the worm, right? Moving on, the sample racks were plentiful when I first walked in, however, by the time I was heading out, they were noticeably empty. The only things left were $15 neon colored tissue shirts, a $30 silk crepe top, and $30 trousers.

I was informed by staff that merchandise would not be replenished. Therefore, if you had plans on hitting the sale tonight or tomorrow, I suggest skipping it as most shoppers were hoarding and inventory became very scarce by the time I left. But if you do decide to stop by, I should mention that there were no fitting rooms. So I advise you to be extra cautious when you try on items as I noticed one bad-mannered security guard taking sneak peeks at half-dressed women.


  1. FYI! Yesterday I went at 4pm and got a tote - two huge bins of fish print then another two bins of grey pebbled leather and canvas totes. Place was empty, maybe 5 ppl shopping

    1. Great find! Some shopper must have decided not to take it. Hope you had a fun time!


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