Aug 15, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Stella McCartney

Psst! There is a super exclusive Stella McCartney sample sale currently happening at their showroom TODAY. I know it's extremely last minute and the flash thunderstorms don't help, but I thought this info was too good to pass. Though this 2-day sale is invite-only, I'm told a few lucky shoppers were able to walk in without any problems yesterday. If you do make it to this sale, please share your insights with fellow Mizhattanites in the comment section. Good luck ladies!!

Where: 210 Eleventh Ave. (bet. 24th & 25th St.), 11th Floor.

UPDATE: It seems they are letting anybody in. Hearing merchandise is 90% off.

{Image credit: Vogue Australia}


  1. Do you know what time they close?

  2. Do they have the chain bag???

  3. when do they close???

  4. The sale is at their corporate showroom, so the sale is now closed.

  5. What about tomorrow august 16th?

  6. the sale was crazy, but kind of picked over. they had some great shoes left and the only chain bags they had was a striped one when i was there :( im not sure if they are open again tomorrow...

  7. Thank you for the scoop! The prices were insane and there were a few gems left. You're the best!

    1. My pleasure! Glad you had such a good time. :)


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