Sep 25, 2012

*MIZSPECIAL* Autumn in New York

So, what is your favorite season of the year? For me, it's autumn. With colorful autumn leaves dancing in the wind and crisp fall air blowing through my hair, I fall in love with NYC all over again. And since no film captures the mood of autumn quite as fashionably and romantically as Breakfast at Tiffany's, I thought it would be fun to do a MizSpecial on how to dress up for autumn Holly Golightly style.

P.S. Humming Moon River is highly recommended.

Look One
Valentino coat, Tiffany & Co. pearl earrings, Kate Spade quilted bag, Oscar de la Renta fragrance, J.Crew flats, Chanel lipstick, Prada sunglasses, and Albertus Swanepoel hat.

Look Two
Club Monaco trench coat, J.Crew hair claw, Tiffany & Co. pendant necklace, Mulberry tote, Finn gold love knot ring, Carven slingbacks, Tory Burch scarf, and YSL nail polish.

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  1. I love fall too, and these outfits are wonderful.


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