Oct 10, 2012


Nope, you're not dreaming. The world renowned Swiss jeweler, Chopard, will be hosting a sample sale starting next Thursday, October 18th. Fine jewelry & watches for ladies and gentlemen along with the label's accessories will be available at discount prices. Isn't this incredible? But as dreamy as this all sounds, don't expect to find "affordable" prices since it's still Chopard. Just remember to put in some extra thought when purchasing as sales are final.

Where: Soiffer Haskin, 317 W. 33rd St. (near 8th Ave.)

When: Thursday, October 18th 9am~6:30pm
Friday, October 19th, 9am~6:30pm
Saturday, October 20th, 9am~5pm

UPDATE: Photos & info from this sale

{Image credit: Chopard}


  1. do you know how much discount would be for watches? - Nini

    1. All I've heard was that there will be "significant markdowns".

  2. Oh... must call charge card company to let them know I'll be making a very large purchase tomorrow.... yay!

  3. Would you be going to the sale and giving us the update?

  4. Just got back, the line was pretty manageable this morning. I was among the first group in. Discount is DEEP! At least 50% of the merchandise is 65% or 70% off. Came out happily with a happy sport watch. Quite decent selection of Men's and women's watchines and fine jewlery. Some fragarance, scarf, clutch, and misc. as well. It's very well organized.

  5. Discount is from 40% - 70% off.

    Color coded.

    Blue is 40%
    Lavender is 50%
    Yellow is 65%
    red is 70%

    I felt that most of the better and newer styles was 40% off. Most of the 70% off was very old stock and styles.

    Ring sizes are all on the smaller size, 5-6 ring size has the best selection.

    FYI: One of the sales guys was telling me to be careful and look closely as a lot of the stuff was returns and some have problems. I noticed small scuffs or such a few watches.

  6. Do you know if there are any Happy Diamonds collection rings or pendents ?

    1. If I recall, there were Happy Diamond watches. I'm iffy on whether there were rings or pendants from the collection.

  7. Thank you MZ and Jay for the updates!

    For those interested, the full Mizhattan report from this sale is up! Click HERE.

  8. do you mind sharing hwo much happy sport was thank you?

  9. This was the worse sample sale I've ever been to. The sales people were fighting with their clients. I spent 20K (sale price) only to find out at the register that my watch didn't have a warranty. I gave back the watch, to which they were very annoyed. At no time was I told that their watches didn't have a warranty. I saw a few male SAs screaming at clients. I was screamed at after I said I wanted to see a pairs of earrings. I screamed back. The woman on line next to me was called YOU get over there on line. Then she asked a question about some jewelry and she was yelled out. I could have purchased many pieces but was so disgusted at the deception and low class rudeness, that I left. I've been to several sample sales such as Bulgari, and I have never experienced such animosity, yelling and outright rudeness to clients. If this is the new Chopard, they can keep it.


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