Oct 18, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Confessions of a Chopard-holic

Swiss-based luxury watch & jewelry brand, Chopard, opened its doors to Chopard-holics today. Known for their meticulously crafted timepieces & exceptional jewelry creations, I was extra excited when I first heard about their sample sale. As it has been nearly a week since I started daydreaming about what merchandise would be available, I quickly got ready this morning and headed off to the sale venue. So follow me and let's see what the sale had to offer.

After waiting about an hour in line--employees were letting in small groups of shoppers every 30 minutes or so--I entered the showroom where dozens of gleaming glass displays full of Chopard's watches & jewelry pieces were showcased. The first thing shoppers will notice are the color dots. Red dots mean 70% off, yellow dots mean $65% off, blue dots mean $60% off, green dots mean 50% off, and purple dots mean 40% off. Though there was a great selection of watches for men & women with red & yellow dots, prices for most watches were well above the $5,000 mark. And speaking of heavy prices, some diamond pieces such as rings, pendants, earrings, and watches were priced well above $10,000. Fortunately, not everything at this sale was heavy on the wallet. There was a small selection of small leather goods, belts, fine chinas, sunglasses, and writing instruments available on the right side of the showroom.

If you're looking to invest in a high-end watch or a piece of jewelry, I recommend checking out the sale as offers like these from high-end luxury brands like Chopard don't come around often. This is especially true when you consider that competitor brand, Van Cleef & Arpels, plans to increase their prices this November.


  1. I've found great Chopard watches at the tourneau sale at 70% off before too. I was wishing for either better deals or more to pick from.

    But at least this one had some cute jewelry.

  2. Any idea what the discount was on the sunglasses? Thanks!

  3. Most were 40%. Some were 65%. But most were floor samples, no new stock in the back. So buyer beware.

  4. Hi,
    Does anyone know how long is the wait to get in? Is there still stuff left over? I'm interest to buy jewelry and watch. Thanks.

  5. thank you mizhattan for the review. i was hesitating on whether to go or not.

  6. As of 11/18 before closeing. There were no watches what were under 8k left every watch left had massive amount of diamonds on it. only happy sport i saw a the rubber band all black. still some happy dimonds earings and rings left.

    If anyone does go please check to see if they will have more markdowns on the last day? TIA =)


  7. Chopard is such an amazing brand. Be it their watches, neckpieces or any other accessories you cannot make a quick decision owing to the remarkable choices. Their sample sale will undoubtedly give the Chopard-holics an opportunity to delight themselves.


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