Nov 19, 2012

*MIZZY'S WEEKLY WARDROBE* Rebecca Minkoff Tote

A functional "carry-everything" canvas tote from Rebecca Minkoff. See how you can coordinate your wardrobe in 5 different ways with 1 item, under $100.

Monday Date Night: Showcase your creative style by incorporating this week's cotton canvas tote into an evening ensemble. A gorgeous fuchsia pink sleeveless dress, Brian Atwood suede pumps, a Hermès Collier de Chien bracelet, and colorful drop earrings make tonight's look simply effortless. As for your makeup, try on an irresistible red lipstick & a citrusy fragrance.

Tuesday Casual: For today's leisurely lunch date with friends, how about creating a playful & sporty look? Make sure to grab a collegiate-inspired sweatshirt & pair it with a comfy striped skirt. Slip into a pair of dotted canvas sneakers and add a doze of nerdy chic by putting on a pair of geeky oversized eyeglasses.

Wednesday Rainy: Tell the wintry rain to go away while bundled inside a classic hooded duffle coat. Throw on Club Monaco's cozy coat over a warm sweater and a pair of skinny jeans. Carry this week's Rebecca Minkoff canvas tote as arm candy and use a sequin pouch to organize your daily essentials. Finally, finish today's look with a chromatic watch.

Thursday Office-friendly: Sleek, simple, and stylish! This is how a woman should look at the office. To complete a polished yet contemporary work outfit, slip into a well-fitted sweater top and match it with a pair of herringbone wool trousers. Accessorize with a simple hoop earrings and use a fun polka dot sleeve to protect your iPad. Finally, add a pair of eye-popping pumps for that fashion-forward edge.

Friday Dinner Plan: Tweed is a favorite texture for fall. Why don't you put together a super chic Friday dinner ensemble by matching this week's The Worlds Cherish London Tote with a tweed shift dress? Add more fabulousness by accessorizing with these chic items: a cashmere scarf, a pearlized enamel bangle, and a pair of glitter flats. Complete your look with Monday's red lipstick.

{Other items used to create these looks: Tibi fuchsia dress, Kate Spade lipstick, Miguel Ases drop earrings, Hermès gold bracelet, Kiehl's fragrance, Brian Atwood nude pumps, Super eyeglasses, Jack Wills sweatshirt, Madewell skirt, Converse sneakers, Club Monaco coat, Rag & Bone jeans, Stephanie Johnson pouch, Chanel watch, Kate Spade hoop earrings, J.Crew sweater, J.Crew trousers, Kate Spade iPad sleeve, J.Crew purple pumps, Rebecca Taylor tweed dress, Madewell flats, Mulberry scarf, and Ann Taylor pearl bangle}

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