Nov 6, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Alexander the Great

Well known to the young fashion crowd as the conqueror of grungy downtown chic, Alexander (the Great) Wang made a triumphant return to the sample sale scene today. This year's event felt a bit more hyped because the label had not hosted a sample sale in 15 months. It may not seem like a big deal for some, but to his loyal followers it felt more like 15 years. So, let's not waste a second more! Here's what went down on the battlefield of the Alexander Wang sample sale.

The analogy that a sample sale is like a battlefield is absolutely spot on. Today's Alexander Wang sale drew a HUGE crowd with some waiting in line at the break of dawn in hopes of grabbing big bargains on the designer's effortlessly easy & sporty styles. I even spotted one shopper going as far as to set up a camping tent in order to bear the frigid temps. Like any battlefield, you've got to come prepared, I guess.

Designer Alexander Wang garnered a reputation for his edgy aesthetics & model-off-duty styles--which today's merchandise was all about. From race-car knits & heavy-ribbed sweaters to zip-front jackets & athletic-inspired details, there were tons of Wang's signature designs from his past collections. Knits were priced $75 and tops were $140. Bottoms were $150 and blazers priced $175. Outerwear could be had for $240 while leathers & specials were above $300. Items from the T by Alexander Wang label were, with no surprise, more affordable. T-shirts were $35, hoodies were $60, cotton dresses were $60, cardigans & sweaters were $70, and outerwear was priced $125. The full price list can be found at the bottom of this article. Most of the merchandise was arranged by size and put in plastic bins in the middle of the showroom. Sizes ranged from XS to L for RTW.

Alexander Wang bags--every "It" girl's must have--were located to the left side of the room. There weren't many on display but I did spot a steady stream of bags being hauled in from the back room. Ingrid satchels, large Emile totes, and Liner totes were just a few of the bags I saw. Prices for handbags were $250 for clutches, $300 for small, $350 for medium, and $400 for large.

This year's selection of shoes was a bit disappointing. The shoe table, situated right next to the handbags, was mainly comprised of Freja lace-up boots, pointy-toe leather sandals, gladiators, and open-toe booties. Prices for shoes were $200 & $300. Sizes were available from 35 to 41.

The Alexander Wang sample sale is 5 days long and if past sales are any indication, prices will drop as the sale draws to a close. I will make sure to keep all of you posted via Twitter on any price reductions. Oh, I forgot to mention that a communal changing area with 2 full mirrors was available for shoppers in the back right corner. And make sure not to miss the $15 miscellaneous stock in the center of the room & $50 racks in the back.

Price list:
Women's RTW
Knits $75
Tops $140
Bottoms $150
Long sleeve sweaters $160
Blazers/Vests $175
Dresses $175
Outerwear $240
Leather $300
Shoes $200 & $300

Clutches $250
Small $300
Medium $350
Large $400
Small leather goods $70 & $90

T by Alexander Wang
Bra $35
T-shirts $35
Sweatshirts/hoodies $60
Cotton/Spandex dresses $60
Silk top $70
Knit tanks/Tops, Sweaters, Cardigans $70
Bottoms $70
Silk/Velvet dresses & rompers $90
Outerwear $125


  1. is the coat in the 5th picture with fur a special? and how much? if anyone knows. Its all I want and want to know if its worth the wait.


    1. That coat is a special (priced as marked). I checked two of them to see the price but both did not have price tags. It's a long shot but you can try to call Alexander Wang corporate and ask them to get you in contact with the showroom to find out the price. Here is the number: 212-532-3103

    2. Thank you Miz! This is why I love your site! Its now my first go to site of the day! Your the best and nice too!

    3. You're so kind! That means a lot to me. Best of luck with the coat!!

    4. Those is special item, from 600 and up!

  2. both fur coats with fur collars are 600

  3. How is the line today?

    I am acutally eyeing the coat too.. if someone knows the price I would love to know ^.^

    and as always thanks Miz~

  4. that cream parka is beautiful. anyone know what line its from? i searched for his parkas online and nothing that pretty comes up.

  5. Did you ask if they'll be restocking each day?

    1. I didn't get a chance to ask but when I was there I did see some stuff coming out from the back room. I will keep you updated.

  6. My friends and I were first on line yesterday. It was super organized when we first walked in, but that changed very quickly. The shoes were disappointing but everything else was great. I asked a few people if they'd be restocking, but they all said no. I chose to believe them and ended up buying everything I wanted in one trip. Hope that helps! :)

    1. Thank you for the update and your insight!

    2. Thanks for the scoop mizhattan!.. anyone know of Any further discounts yet?!

  7. I went today (Thursday) and there weren't any markdowns yet unfortunately :(. They still had a good selection of clothes, both RTW and T by AW...I kinda had the feeling they had restocked but I'm not positive. They also still had a decent selection of handbags (about 4 or so rows of them) and shoe boxes were still stocked to the ceiling. There was barely a line when I got there in the morning but when I left around noonish the line had about 25 people in it. Good luck guys!

  8. ha i was about to write the same review -i also went right before noon but it wouldn't let me post. trying again. BAGS: they had 3 types of roccos: black pony, black textured leather & camel textured leather. 2 donna colors and several other styles. new shipment for sure. line had just started when i left!

  9. i'm hoping to go early tomorrow morning!! cash only? or is there a minimum to pay with credit card? Thank you!

  10. SALE UPDATE: Additional stock & additional markdowns at the Alexander Wang sample sale.

  11. posted this on sample sally, but thought you would appreciate an update too, as i just came from the sale about half an hour ago:

    i went on day 1 for the emile in black and came out (very happily!) with the emile in grey for $400 and a chunky zippered sweater for $160. dropped by today at lunch to make sure i wasn’t still missing anything/didn’t get screwed and buy something that got deeply discounted. clothes are all pretty picked through, but prices were slashed substantially, from what i can remember. shoe selection was just about as good in my opinion as it was on day 1 (read: i thought the shoes were really disappointing, since i’ve gotten awesome wang shoes at the barney’s warehouse sale for around $100). that said, they’re cut from $200-$300 to $95 across the board with what seems to be plenty of stock in the remaining styles (at least in size 39). they said they would not be doing further discounts on shoes, but the lady i talked to also said i should not expect the style i was vaguely considering to sell out before the end of the day, so you may have time to decide if they’re worth it.

    what was really surprising to me were the BAGS! they still seem to have plenty of stock, though not in all the styles they had at the beginning of the sale (though then again, i saw styles i didn’t see on day 1). emile in canvas is now $300, rocco in textured black (aren’t people supposed to go nuts for this bag?), morgan in black, trudy in navy, leather emile in beige all for $400… the bag with all the straps is still around in two colors and multiple sizes, still a donna in tan (though i think it might be cheaper on the outnet –… i wonder why this is happening? all the speculation said that roccos would be the first to go!

    1. Thank you for this thorough and awesome report! :)


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