Nov 29, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Salvatore Ferragamo

It's baaack~ Salvatore Ferragamo has very discreetly sent out invites to employees, friends, and family for their 1-day sample sale tomorrow. My guess for such sub rosa tactics is to avoid a repeat of last year's COMPLETE MELTDOWN (check out the articles and reader's comments: here & here) where police were called in, arrests were made, and ultimately resulted in the abrupt closure of the sale. If after reading this you're still brave enough to venture to the NJ location tomorrow, here's what you'll need to know. My contact at Ferragamo tells me that discounts will be up to 75% off on their signature merchandise. I'm also told security will be on high alert. So, good luck ladies & gents!

Where: 700B Castle Road, Secaucus, NJ 07094

When: Friday, November 30th

{Image credit: Salvatore Ferragamo}


  1. DOES IT OPEN TO PUBLIC? I didn't get invitation but I want to go there!

    1. In the past, the sale was open to the public. Last year there was an incident which prompted this year's strict door policy. F&F shoppers must now be on a list that was created by Ferragamo employees. If you're not on this list it will be difficult to get in. If you want to try, I would suggest going towards the end of the day.

  2. Do you know what time it starts?

  3. Do you know the sale hours?

  4. dont bother, they wont let u in. employees only


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