Dec 17, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* A + O = Party-Ready!

She's the designer behind party-ready frocks. Stacey Bendet's contemporary label, Alice + Olivia, has come back from a 2 year absence to host an end-of-year sample sale. At today's early access, I found the showroom packed with the label's well known party pieces. This timing is perfect for ladies who are looking to glam up their look for upcoming holiday festivities & soon to arrive New Year's Eve celebrations. I, for one, was curious to see what kind of merchandise & bargains this year's sale would offer. So, away we go!

Looking for a dress that really grabs everyone's attention? Well then, you'll want to drop by this week's Alice + Olivia sample sale. Starting with the brand's signature style, there were lots of clothes lined with sequins, laces, chiffons, and embellishments--all of which stand to shine at any late night party or social function. When I stepped into 260 5th Ave, I found that everything was organized by size. Inventory ranged from XS (0~2) to L (10~12). As for prices, embellished dresses were $199 and sequin skirts were $129. Tops & sweaters were $69~$99 and denims were $79. I also noticed quite a few items that are currently available online. For instance, a fuchsia peplum skirt is currently $154.80 online. At today's sale, it was priced $79 (4th photo below). In addition, I found the Amena dress ($165 online) for $129.

If show-stopping dresses aren't your thing, you'll be pleased to know that there were muted styles & office-appropriate dressings as well. Long sleeve turtlenecks, sleek gray office blazers, and tweeded box jackets could easily satisfy anyone with a minimalistic taste in fashion. I should mention that prices for daytime wear were different from evening pieces. Day dresses were $129, pants were $99, skirts were $79, jackets were $149, and furs were $299. If bargains are your main interest, there were 7 sample racks located towards the back of the showroom. Prices for samples were $29 for loungewear, $49 for daytime apparel, and $99 for evening jackets & dresses (photo above).

The shoe section was also located in the back. I spotted various styles like the heart-print platforms for $99 (online price $195), the Saffi heels for $99 (online price $207), glitter ballet flats for $79, and leopard-print booties for $179. There was also a small selection of Alice + Olivia for Keds sequin sneakers (10th photo below). Each of these pairs were $39. Although the discounts on Alice + Olivia shoes were greater than the clothes, I wouldn't suggest spending too much time browsing in that section as the label's footwear are not as appealing as their famed party frocks.

Finally, let me mention a thing or two about the jewelry/accessories section. Situated near the checkout counter, two glass display cases were full of $19 cocktail rings (originally $95), $109 embellished necklaces, $99 crystal cuffs, and $59 chain necklaces. There were also 5 plastic bins that contained swimsuits & leather belts.

Though the public opening isn't until tomorrow, sale organizers were not checking names this morning. So you might want to go later this afternoon if you have the time. This way, you can avoid tomorrow's crowd while enjoying a wider variety of merchandise.

Price list:
Embellished dresses $199
Long dresses/Jumpsuits $139
Day dresses $129
Embellished tops $99
Tops $79
Knit tops $69
Sweaters $99
Pants $99
Denims $79
Embellished skirts $129
Skirts/Shorts $79
Embellished jackets $169
Jackets $149
Outerwear $299
Leather/Fur $299

Tall boots $199
Ankle boots $179
Heels $99
Flats $79
Keds $39


  1. i dropped by the F&F this morning bright and early at 9. i headed straight for the samples in the back of the room. such finds on these racks including a floral dress I had contemplated buying a month back in the meatpacking dis. store and a tweed embellished short jacket both for $45. there were many to be had on the 99$ rack with coats (including the silver tweed one in the 2nd pic) and a+o's coveted sequin dresses. there were 2 bergen dresses (with the nude beaded up and full black tulle skirt). i would have picked one up for a holiday party if i hadn't bought the baia ombre sequin dress at the store close to retail already - there was one in sz 6 as well as what looked at production samples of the dress with a mesh back instead of the full sequin back.

    onto the overstock, there were tons of dresses, jackets, skirts, pants etc by size, as reported above at prices lower than the sale prices online (that offered additional %s off during black friday etc) but if you find yourself there tomorrow, i'd take a peek at the sample rack first. i'm not sure they'd have more to restock, but definitely worth a peek.

    all in all, id say this was the best sample sale ive been to this month and i've been to prob all of them :)

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

  2. Any gowns (like the Ona Leather Bustier Gown)?

    1. There were a few floor-length gowns but I didn't see any Onas.

  3. Do you know if they will be restocking??

    1. There's a lot, I mean a lot, of merchandise already. When I asked about restocking and price reductions at the preview day, I wasn't given a clear answer. I will ask them again and will let you know.

  4. ANy word on whether they'll be discounting merchandise today?

  5. I just got an email from 260 Sample Sale that there will be additional markdowns today.

  6. What are the additional markdowns?

    1. You can check out the updated price list with markdowns: HERE

      Many thanks to fellow Mizhattanite J H for the photo!


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