Dec 2, 2012

*SAMPLE SALE* Speedy Gonzalez

After having a successful sale this past May, the Nancy Gonzalez sample sale returned for the holiday shopping season. Known to draw a sizeable crowd of exotic lovers, I expected to see a similar large turnout at today's preview. After all, this was my third time visiting the sale and I tried to prepare myself for the usual frenzy created by good old Gonzalez shoppers (read here & here and you'll know what I mean). But perhaps the third time is a charm? Unlike the last two sales I attended, shopping at today's event was surprisingly easy & speedy. This was due to the fact that there were less than 10 shoppers while I was there and virtually no wait at the checkout line. For those planning on hitting the public sale tomorrow, here's my (appropriately enough) speedy report.

At today's sample sale, prices started at $450. Each item was marked with a colored sticker. Python clutches (2 red stickers) were $450 while other clutches (1 red sticker) were $600. Small totes (neon green) were $1,300, medium handbags (navy) were $1,500, large bags (neon pink) were $1,700, and extra large (yellow) styles were $1,800.

On one table, I spotted a white crocodile tassel dome bag for $1,700 (3rd photo below). This is a savings of a little over 50% as this bag is currently priced $3,600 at department stores like Bergdorf Goodman. In addition, I found a small orange studded crocodile tote for $1,500 (4th photo below).

While the quality of each bag was as superb as the designer's creations, the inventory was noticeably limited this time around. Making matters worse, I was told by sale organizers that there will not be any restocking.

Taking into consideration their last two sales, I highly doubt there will be any additional markdowns on the last day of this event. If by any chance things do change, I will update you via Twitter and the comment section below.

Price list
Python clutches $450
Clutches $600
Mixed media $800
White-fur $1,000
Small bag $1,300
Medium bag $1,500
Large bag $1,700
Extra large bag $1,800


  1. For the last day of this sample sale, Nancy Gonzalez has taken further reductions.

    1. how much was the reduction

    2. This article is from last year's (Dec 2012) sample sale.


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